What went wrong?

I’ve got some no fluff business advice for you today.

We’re in a crisis on a global scale. It’s so hard to find an anchor in these times.

My guess is you’re one of the following:

  • A bootstrapping freelancer that has a real fear of client work drying up due to the financial climate.
  • Perhaps you waited too long to get your side gig off the ground and now you’re home (either furloughed or if you’re one of the lucky ones – still getting paid.)
  • Maybe you’re unemployed and don’t feel like you have the money to get a new business venture off the ground

Here’s one thing I’m seeing a lot of during the Corona virus crisis.

Your time is less because your kids are home and you have to help them with homeschooling.

Or maybe you had to move back in with family because you lost your job and things are SUPER tough now.

As for me, I’ve had to pull back with my business so that I can help my kids. If I fail them with homeschooling, I am going to ruin them. This is my self talk. This is what runs through my head.

They won’t get into the “good” school next year.

It’s all very raw.

But then I sit with myself – quietly- and my intuition speaks very loud telling me that everything will be okay because in fact, the kids are learning and even if they missed an entire year, they haven’t NOT learned. They can easily catch up when this is all over. No question.

And the one thing that really calms me is that I know we’re all in this together. Literally. Like everyone on the globe. You should never feel alone.

And thank g-d I have kids that are 13 and 15 that know how to exercise responsibility so that I don’t have to worry if they are on their Zooms.

So here’s where you can actually do something about your business in the midst of the pandemic when you’re more worked than ever before.

Get up at 4-5am and work as much as you can and by 9am be DONE. It’s not like you have to run around and do errands all day long. Nothing is open.

You can get into bed early (if you need to – take a mid day nap) and start carving out more and more time for your business.

If you haven’t been paying attention to my emails this past week, Craig Cannings one of the leaders in freelance skills training and Founder of Freelance University or FreelanceU (as we call it) is hosting a webinar TODAY at 1pm PT / 4pm ET to talk about this very subject.

If you haven’t yet registered, go do that now. Here is the link: https://aff.freelanceu.com/24197/46814

Get ready to learn about highly marketable skills that will have you working less, making more and finally owning your own damn life.

See you there,


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