What All Virtual Assistants Are Doing Wrong

As virtual assistants we know entrepreneurs need us. We know they can’t hit their goals without our help. We get that. They get that.

Any hire any business owner makes for their business is going to come with massive amounts of stress.

And as virtual assistants, we are known to see personal information about clients and that stuff is scary to business owners.

As virtual assistants we need to put ourselves in our ideal client’s shoes and feel what they are feeling.

Most entrepreneurs actually don’t know how to best work with a virtual assistant.  Entrepreneurs I’ve worked with have struggled handing over projects to me. When you build a business, it becomes like your baby and business owners don’t hand over their baby easily. It comes with a lot of trust.

Remember, hiring a virtual assistant can be very stressful.

We have to be very aware that this fear exists with our prospects. So this begs the question, how can we quell their fears?

The answer is offer your prospects and easy entry point into working together with you.


If you want to put your prospects at easy and move them to a yes make it easy on them. 

Don’t weigh them down with commitments or freak them out with hourly rates or packages that will scare them off.

Sometimes a business has never worked with a virtual assistant before.

Keep in mind you don’t have to call this a starters package. Call it what you want, a beginners package, the baby package, get creative!

Here is a suggestion that you can use right now to craft your own starters package:

Are you scared, nervous or worried about hiring a virtual assistant? I can understand that. I would be, too. That’s why I designed a starters package that has no strings attached. I can start with a small project and if you’re interested in working on additional projects, we can do that!

5 hour stater package

Use this package for tasks like:

  • updating blog posts
  • update social media posts
  • proofread content
  • design slide decks

Now, go and update your Work With Me page and come back and leave a link to your page in the comments. I’m excited for you to come up with something for your business to help you land clients.



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29 thoughts on “What All Virtual Assistants Are Doing Wrong”

    1. Exactly, Sheryl! 🙂 Are you going to come up with a starter’s package? I want to see it if you do!

  1. I agree. I find it great to get people to try my services without having to make any big commitment. Mine is called the ‘Get Your Feet Wet’ package. I need to work on my copy to make it more enticing though.

  2. Great idea on how to help make potential feel a little more comfortable about hiring a VA. This is definitely putting yourself in your clients shoes and understanding how they feel and why they might be nervous.

  3. Hey Reese! Wow, great minds think alike. I was just looking at my Fees page and saying how intimidating… It doesn’t even tell them how it all works. So I created a page last night as a tab under Fees called FAQ’s & Terms. I think I’ll have to add the “starter package” into this. Take a look: http://tigerlilyva.com/fees/faqs-terms/ I still need to add more on the actual Fees page. I can’t wait to talk with you about the group session! Thanks so much.

    1. Lillian, I can’t wait to speak to you! Great job with the FAQ’s! I agree, add a starter package. Talk Thursday!

  4. Hi Reese. You read my mind. One of the items that I planned yesterday to work on today is promoting some of my starter packages and making some updates to my website along the lines of exactly what your blog post is talking about as well as use the information in my email campaign and blog this week. Great post as always. Thanks Reese!

  5. Lisa Bellenger

    Hi Reese…I love reading your blogs and I get excited every time I receive an email.
    I am clueless about pricing, packages, etc. It’s a great idea for a potential to set the number of hours; however, what about pricing. I constantly struggle with this.


    1. LISA! I so needed to hear this today. You’re AWESOME! I have written some posts about pricing. Did you see them yet? XO

  6. Kathleen Fink

    Hi Reese,
    Enjoyed reading your post on this and glad to see that others offer something very similar! I also offer something like this (called my Welcome Guide!), but it’s capped at 10 hours within a 2 week period (5 hours per week = 1 hour each day basically). I also have a notation in the “fine print” that me/my company are not liable/responsible for anything not completed within that time frame.

    Have a great day,

    1. Alejandra, you’re services page made me laugh out loud in the best of ways! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you created a beginners package and packaged it up around the concept of a first date, first base and the moment of truth. Nice!

  7. You have been a great help Reese. I don’t have a web site yet but working on it. I am inspired and encouraged by all of you.
    Thank You

  8. Orine Robinson

    Ladies you ALL are awesome! I am new to the whole concept of VA and sure am learning a LOT from ya’ll! I’ve been researching on changing my career from Legal Administrative Assistant (23 years) to Legal VA!
    Thank you all for your tips, tricks, advice, etc.


  9. I have published and unpublished my rates several times.
    This little push gave me the incentive to create a nice branded graphic to display a starter package.

    This is a draft (page) so I’ll be editing the content some more. Also having WICKED trouble with image size, but here’s mine. (You’ll probably have to click on the spot where the image should be to open it in another window.

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