I see you.

I started writing this post to you while I was in Nashville for Funnel Hacking Live (biggest marketing conference in the US) BUT I was so busy with the conference that I didn’t finish so I’m filling in the rest of the details at my home in Jerusalem.

This time last year I was sitting at home wishing I could be at Funnel Hacking live in Orlando Florida. Today, I’m writing to you from the conference!!!

The vibe here conference is insane. I’m surrounded by people who are learning how to scale their businesses to high six-figure and 7 figures.

And some (very few but there are some) of those people are virtual assistants or WERE virtual assistants that have since pivoted. Yep.


The VP of Marketing of Clickfunnels, my mentor and coach, (A WOMAN) was a virtual assistant just a few years ago.

Today she makes over 2 million dollars a year.

Dude (channeling my best Big Lebowski). BAKE.ON.THAT.

My life’s passion has been ignited in ways I never thought possible because of the virtual assistant industry.

Could I make this font size any bigger?!!!

The virtual assistant industry opened doors for me to see what is possible in the world of online business.

And so here I am at the biggest marketing event in the United States and you know what I’m seeing everywhere?


The women here are TAKING OVER.

There are moms in their seats breastfeeding.

There are strollers in every seating section.

There are 3-year-old toddlers networking next to their moms.

There are teenagers with their parent taking notes because THEY wanted to.

I saw a 10-year-old boy at the round table strategy event walking up to attendees high fiving them.

WTH?! #mindblown

This conference is encouraging women to come and take a seat WITH their children.

And the icing on the cake?

3 of my favorite presentations were done by some pretty badass WOMEN.

One of which is 8 or 9 months pregnant with twins!

She was KILLING it on the stage and pregnant with twins.

What is this telling you?!!!

If you don’t feel it in your soul right now, I’ll explain.

It means that women are taking place in the world of online business and we’re not taking the back seat, we’re driving the damn car.

Virtual assistants are mission critical to help their fellow entrepreneurs take over the world. If you look at successful business owners or successful executives in the corporate world, I’ll bet you there is a superwoman running the show from behind the scenes.

And for me, that role was always as someone’s assistant. And I thrived. I knew how to take care of my executives and clients better than they knew how to take care of themselves.

I made sure every detail was thought out and executed on. I gave and continue to give my clients the feeling that they are my only clients. My only priority. I protected those I worked for.

What I’ll call it is dedication and passion to do damn good work.

And I know motherhood helped me become a better assistant, a better virtual assistant and today, a better digital marketer (if you don’t know my story, I started as a VA and today I run a digital marketing agency).

As moms, we are 100% dedicated to our family and nurture them to grow.

There is no difference in business.

I don’t know what your story is but if you’re a stay at home mom, or maybe you’re still in college, or MAYBE you’re retired and trying something new.

Whatever your story is, know this.

Learning the skills you need to start, run, and grow a successful virtual assistant business is the easy part. Anyone can learn a new skill if they really want to.

The hard part?

Believing that you can do this.

I’m giving you permission right now to believe that you can make more money than you do now, working fewer hours and from home as a virtual assistant.

I didn’t give myself permission soon enough and I regret that.

I won’t let you make the same mistake I did.

So follow me.

I’m going to lead you into places that may make you feel uncomfortable, it may feel really scary some times but if you stick with me, I’ll show you how I’ve done it and how it’s changed my life.

xx, Reese

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