I Had Nothing In My Bank Account

This post is going to be really personal and vulnerable.

Most of you know me as Reese, business owner, and virtual assistant start-up coach.

However, I wanted to share a side of myself that most of you don’t know.

I don’t think I have ever talked much about this before: My past and what brought me here, teaching professionally minded women how to make an actual living online as a virtual assistant.

Something happened to me when I was just getting started in my career that set the stage for my relationship with money.

Once, I found myself with no job, no money, and rent to pay which obviously wasn’t going to happen. I was still in school and working part-time. I literally hit the pavement. I had no shame. I had nothing to lose because, in my eyes, I had hit bottom. I had no safety net and no money in my bank account.

I took a job as a hostess of a big NYC restaurant thinking during the day I would interview for 9-5 jobs. I had been a hostess before and knew this was something I could do well.

Turns out this restaurant was huge. Like the biggest restaurant, I’ve ever been into in my life huge.

I was told to “shadow” the hostess with a microphone on and not utter a single word into the microphone.

Just watch and listen.


Don’t talk.

Well, guess what. I didn’t listen.

I was on that microphone telling the front desk all about what tables were on their checks, what tables were eating dessert, and what tables were ready right now. I memorized the entire restaurant’s table grid in just a few short hours.

The manager pulled me to the side on day two and told me a few choice words before letting me know if I made the same mistake he’d throw me out. You better believe I listened.

4 days into the job, I got pulled into the director of operations office. I almost peed my pants.

My heart was racing like nuts! I knew I was going to get fired. Why else would he want to speak with me? “Reese”, he said…..”we want to offer you an opportunity to run one of our restaurants here in New York City.” He was asking me to run a multi-million dollar restaurant after working for the company for 4 days. And so I did.

My colleagues at my restaurant were Ivy League women who went to school for years to learn how to do what I was able to do without.

Why am I telling you this?

Because this same work ethic and ability to hustle has helped me tremendously in the virtual assistant industry.

When I found myself living in Israel, with no knowledge of Hebrew and no prospects for a job, I hustled the only way I knew how.

By putting my head down and doing the hard work day in, day out.

The key to getting in front of clients is to literally get right in front of them and start talking.

There is no magic bullet.

No trick about it.

Do you want to succeed as a freelance virtual assistant?

Then trust me on this…..

Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell people what you do and whom you want to do it for.

Don’t know what you do yet or whom you do it for?

That’s OK! You WILL find your voice and your direction but you have to put one foot in front of the other and hit the pavement the same way I did.

This week, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Marley Jaxx.

Marley started off as a dental hygienist and today she’s a renowned video marketing expert that has shared the stage with Tony Robbins.

I asked her questions about virtual assistants and how they can use video to tell their story so that prospects learn more about who you are and what you do!

I hope you get over your fears and record yourself talking about what you do and how you can help.

Tell your story and how you got here.

I promise it’s the ticket to finding clients and making money.

What about you? Tell me your story about life hitting you hard and how you have faced your fears?

Reply and let me know!

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