How Szilvi Got Booked Out in Just Three Months

Do you ever sometimes just feel like you slam-dunked it? Like you did such a good job and you feel it in your bones?

I’ve felt that way many times in my role as a coach to virtual assistants. It’s the best feeling to experience the pure joy of my clients who have absolutely crushed their goals.

I’ll never forget Sylvie. She lives in Hungary and English is her 2nd language. She was concerned about that. Hungry didn’t know much about virtual assistance so she knew she would have to market internationally.

We worked together and because Sylvie had a go-getter attitude she threw herself into the work we did together.

She put in the time and threw fear to the wind when promoting herself (with me in her corner every step of the way).

Today, Sylvie has done it.

She works from home, makes a damn good living, and has the time for herself and her family.

She’s no longer torn about how to live her life.

When you realize, as Sylvie did, that you have god-given talents and you can and should be using them to help drive your goals of working for yourself from home, you can have the life Sylvie has.

COVID-19 has taught us that THIS IS POSSIBLE and more companies will need to embrace their worker’s attitudes towards remote work and more personal freedom.

Mark my words, working from home will become the norm. Sure, we will still have big business but more and more big business employees will have the structure in place and acceptance in place to allow for remote work.

This leads me back to Sylvie.

She gets to decide how her week looks.

She gets to work with clients locally and even some internationally that need a Hungarian speaker!

With my mentoring, Sylvie got up and running fast. We created all of her documents like a rate sheet, contract, firmed up her rates and offerings, and created a one-page website. She memorized her elevator pitch so that at the drop of a dime she could tell anyone what she does and whom she does it for.

We did a lot. We accomplished a lot. It was such a gift.

But the biggest gift was Sylvie.

Her results speak for themselves.

She has been invited to speak about the world of virtual assistance and is now a coach for Hungarian speaking women who want to be just like her.

And all of this was made possible because I help Slyvie believe in herself and see her value when she couldn’t.

I’m blown away.

So utterly blown away at how beautiful this story is. I see her FB images from time to time with her beautiful sons – huge smiles – relaxed.

And that’s really the word, isn’t it?


Aren’t we all looking to breathe in 2021 and just relax?

Sylvie did.

She took in a deep breath and realized that with some faith and a little bit of hard work she could change her life.

And she did and I am forever grateful to have been a stepping stone in her journey.

I want to be that stepping stone for you.

I’m going to be opening up registration for the VA Lifeline in the coming weeks and I want you on my team.

I want us to work together toward your dreams, hopes, and goals.

Because I’m the coach that will move your needle.

Hit comment and let me know if you’re ready to finally stop with all the excuses and finally put your oxygen mask on first and start taking care of YOU.

That means finding more balance and space in your career and life.

And I’m gearing up to welcome women from around the world to join me inside of the VA Lifeline.

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