How I Got My Start As A Virtual Assistant

I don’t talk all that often about my life and career before I became a freelancer.

I got my start in the restaurant industry as a hostess at a posh steakhouse in Denver, Colorado while living there and going to school.

When I decided to leave Colorado for New York, I phoned our New York location and asked them for a transfer.

I got it.

From there I moved up the ladder in the industry and by the age of 22, I was managing a multi-million dollar restaurant on the Upper West Side of New York City where all the famous folk hung out.

Growing up in Vegas, I saw the rich and famous every week but this was New York and a totally different vibe. Plus, I was the boss and got to speak to any of my patrons, whenever I wanted. I have some amazing stories, but I digress.

My colleagues were graduates from the Cornell Restaurant Management program at Cornell University and then there was me – the university dropout.

As much as I loved the thrill of what I did, the work was grueling. I worked 12-14 hours a day and my days off were Monday and Wednesday. I had no weekend to recharge my battery before I went right back into another 12 hour day in high heels.

Eventually, burnout took hold and I had to say goodbye to the restaurant industry. I was so torn because I loved running the show and once I had a taste of that, it was hard to do anything else.

Shortly after, I took a position as the assistant to the CEO of an international branding agency. It’s there that I got my first taste of the world of marketing and branding and I fell in love.

Unfortunately, the pay was not sustainable so I had no choice but to leave my job and become the executive assistant for the chief financial officer at

While I didn’t LOVE the work per se, I absolutely loved the people and that made it worth my while tenfold.

At the time I was living with my best friend on Long Island and our commute in Manhattan each day was 4 hours!

Can you imagine commuting four hours a day? I had no choice at the time, but looking back, it was insane and definitely not healthy.

A few years into the job I met a guy. He asked me to marry him and saying YES meant that I would have to move halfway across the globe to live in Israel.

So I did and here I am.

I’ll never forget my first 18 months here. I didn’t speak the language and felt like an outsider most days.

That pushed me to go to school to learn Hebrew. I went to school for six hours a day for 6 months. When that program ended, I signed up for another intensive Hebrew program for six months. While that program was going on I signed up for a night class twice a week to get even more language immersion.

And then I landed a job that put me back on the proverbial map – working as an executive assistant to a partner of an international venture capital fund.

In case you don’t know venture capital funds invest in business start-ups starting at 500k investments all the way up millions of dollars of investment money. I spent my days listening to businesses pitch us on their business.

I learned what makes a successful business start-up, what ideas work, and what ideas don’t, and why. I learned what things to look at when considering a business for investment.

And it prepared me well for the work I do today as a virtual assistant start-up coach.

I didn’t know I was going to coach women – it just naturally progressed that way after I built a successful virtual assistant agency. Local women saw my success and asked me constantly if they could take me for coffee and pick my brain.

So I monetized this in order to reach more women in all four corners of the earth because the impact I was creating was addictive. I loved seeing women become powerful forces for good in their life and for their families.

When I teach women how to build and scale a virtual assistant business I am bringing all the principles that I learned from the restaurant industry working in a multi-million dollar revenue restaurant to the venture capital industry and all in between.

Learning how to build your business and gain new skill sets that virtual assistants excel at isn’t the hard part.

The hard part is all that space between your ears.

It’s your thoughts telling you that you can’t do this. You’re not ready. You’re not savvy enough with technology. You’re not experienced enough.
You’re not (enter in ALL the excuses).

When you’re ready to switch the mind off and allow your body to just do the work without sabotaging yourself along the way, you’ll end up so much closer to your goals as a successful virtual assistant.

I’ve got hundreds of success stories of women I’ve helped make massive changes in their life for the better.

I want more than anything for you to be the next one.

What does success look like for you? It’s different for everyone. I know you’ve got burning desires, hopes, wishes, and dreams for a better future.

Tell me about that future and why you’re here.

Tell me about the journey you’re on right now with your business and where it’s stuck.

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