1:1 Private Coaching With Reese Ben-Yaacov

A virtual assistant business is your answer. 

Hungry for independence, flexibility… and FREEDOM, which is why you founded a business in the first place, in addition to nine-to-fiving it.

You are also a parent and you’re exhausted. And you have zero time to spare, to dedicate to the business.

And there’s the rub.

If it’s going to take 6 months of struggling with your website, your branding, your client list, your systems, your policies, and your marketing to get your business off the ground, it ain’t happening.

If it’s going to require figuring out how to apply all the incredible yet theoretical ideas from an expensive course, it ain’t happening.

Honestly, you don’t need to be a millionaire. Hell, you don’t even need to make 6-figures! 

You just want to quit your day job, earn more flexibility in your work life, and not have to eat peanut butter and jelly every day of the year in order to afford your yearly trip to Disney

You want to not have to completely freak out when the mechanic tells you your tires are threadbare, or your teenager needs braces. You want to be able to go out for margaritas and put some money away every month, not one or the other.

You need flexibility and stability.

You have the talent and the drive but you just can’t seem to get the virtual assistant of yours to take that consistent, breadwinning role.

Hi! I’m Reese!

I am your secret weapon. Your accomplice. 

I design superpower-charged capes for entrepreneurs just like you, so you can wear them (invisibly, so they’re flattering on every figure) and smash through the obstacles in your way. 

Is that little voice inside your head insisting that you’re not successful yet because you really just don’t have what it takes? Is she praying on your self-doubt, telling you that you should avoid risk, punch that clock, and be grateful for the weekly paycheck? 

I will help you punch her in the face.

My job – me and the customized cape, that is – is to help you get the traction you need to turn your side business into the major player we both know it can be. The one that will fuel your passion and pad your bank account. 

Enough of the one-size-fits-all “earn more” webinars. 

Enough of coaching systems that require 40 hours plus homework. 

Enough of the 6-step-modules that work for some but not for you. 

Are you constantly trying new apps and methods, getting overwhelmed, realizing that something’s gotta give, and walking away from the business for weeks at a time? I’ll support you in making efficient decisions about priorities, automation and time management. I will help you put systems in place that work for you, your life, and your goals.

You are unique and so is your business! You need a system personalized to you – your goals, your strengths, your limitations, your schedule and your talents – giving you everything you need to make the jump. And you need it today.

My 3-Month Coaching Program Is A Personalized Coaching Experience Over The Course Of 12 Weeks That Includes;

2-hour VA Drill Down Intensive

2-hour intensive strategy session with Reese recorded on Zoom and a personalized plan of action (aka your business bible)

Ten 1 Hour, 1:1 Coaching Sessions

You will work privately with me one-on-one over 3 months. Together we will cover topics such as developing a virtual assistant mindset, the step-by-step process of building virtual assistant business from scratch, how to build rock-solid systems that help you on-board and off-board your clients with success that keep them coming back for more. We’ll cover how to know what you must charge to sustain your livelihood and sustainability (translation: how to keep this ball rolling for years to come) so you can leave your 9-5. Ideal client development, team building, lead generation, copywriting, social media strategy and more.  Our coaching is 100% personalized to you! I’ll be your wing-woman for 3 months, dedicating my brain power to your success.       

Skills Training

You’ll gain access to my entire library of skills training including email marketing, Squarespace web design, FB ads, social media marketing training, Dubsado, Clickfunnels, WordPress, Canva, shopping cart software.

PLUS…exclusive access to flagship course, The VA Lifeline, a$997 value.

You’ll get exclusive access to my flagship course, the VA Lifeline. This powerhouse of a program will give you everything you need to start and launch your virtual assistant business in 30 days.

My 3-month one-on-one coaching IS the perfect starting point for virtual assistants who need help bringing their vision to life.  You have big ideas and you need someone to help flesh them out and make the actionable. 

When you decide to work with me you’ll skip a million steps and save yourself hours trying to figure it out yourself. 

My 3-month coaching programs are limited to to 4 clients per month so please apply soon to get on my waitlist.  Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis. Coaching starts at $3,500 for 3 months.



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