Do You Have Control Over Anger?

I’ve been digging deep lately on anger as an emotion. In your life and especially in your business as a virtual assistant, you will experience situations that may anger you. I have been working on my own anger for many years. My husband used to tell me that I had a very short fuse. That’s not something

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Why focusing on this is bad for your virtual assistant business

All these lies that they have been feeding you! I’m so tired of seeing aspiring and new virtual assistants being spoon-fed bad advice about how to gets started. Almost every single new virtual assistant I meet thinks they need to create a website and quickly move onto pricing their services before doing the really hard,

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Your vibe attracts your tribe

A few months ago a good friend of mine sent me an email and this sentence was the main headline. It got me thinking. I created my virtual assistant networking group, The VA Tribe years ago with one goal in mind, to build a tribe of women who want to become successful virtual assistants, working

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How To Make Money Without Doing ALL THE THINGS

“Reese, I’m working all the time, but my bank account doesn’t reflect it! I need a better plan, can you help?” I remember when I started as a virtual assistant, I was SO worried about getting my Facebook page set up and having it look perfect. I thought it was imperative that I changed my

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I Am Not A Superwoman

I’d have to say that the past two weeks have been quite relaxing.

My husband, was out of the country for work. I hate to admit but when he’s gone, I get to relax.

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