The secret to getting your 1st client

“I have no experience or even a testimonial. How do I get my first client?!”

This is one of those things that I kicked myself for not learning earlier.

Lucky for you, you’ll now know by the end of this post.

The thing is, it’s hard getting your first client when you have zero experience and not even a testimonial to put forward.

Clients want to see projects you’ve worked on and testimonials for social proof.

As a new virtual assistant, you may not have either right now.

Ready for my secret on how to get your first client, your first testimonial, AND get paid all at the same time?! 

Here we go –

You offer a service for “free.” (You’ll still get paid, stay with me here).

There is no transaction between you and the client, so it’s no skin off their back – you’re offering to help them solve a problem, in exchange for a testimonial.

Now here’s the fun part. Your new client needs to purchase the software that you’re about to set up for them.

But you don’t let them purchase it like an Average Andy…

Nope, you’ll send them an affiliate link for their purchase. That means once they pay for the software, you make a commission from it!

Cha-ching 💸

This free offer isn’t free after all because… you’re getting paid! 

How? The client doesn’t pay you. The company whose software you just helped sell does.

Sounds sneaky right?

Don’t worry – it’s not. It’s called affiliate marketing, and it’s a staple in the online industry. People with large followings do this very well, and some people make full-time salaries off affiliate marketing.

Okay back to the juicy stuff – what software offers this ability to make a commission?
Well, quite a few – some payouts are better than others though, so you’ll want to do some research.

Quick note of caution for authentic marketing – Even though you often don’t need to own the software yourself to become an affiliate for them, I recommend only signing up for affiliate links with programs that you trust and want to use yourself- if you’re recommending it to clients, you want to be a fan of the software, too!

Here are a few of my favorite software companies that I’m an affiliate for (and ones that you can be affiliates for too.)

  • Zoom – my best friend for hosting video conferencing and webinars

  • GSuite from Google. Yep, they have an affiliate program!

  • Clickfunnels for landing page and sales funnel creation. Awesome 40% monthly commissions!

  • ConvertKit for email marketing. Another respectable 40% monthly recurring commissions.

  • SiteGround for WordPress hosting. This is a big seller with VAs

  • Dubsado for customer relationship management and invoicing. If your clients work with clients, they need a CRM. Be there to recommend one.

There you have it!

Once you have completed the service for your client, you’ll walk away from the project with:
1) Your first client under your belt
2) A testimonial you received from them
3) Your affiliate payout that will come in the following weeks

It’s the most brilliant way to start getting experience, getting paid, and getting testimonials when you’re brand new to the game.

So get started checking out the software above, become affiliates for the ones you like, and start offering your first service for “free”!



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