How to know WHAT services to offer

“I’m just starting out as a virtual assistant. What services should I offer?”

You already know that every business can use a Virtual Assistant ✔️

You already know that your computer and admin skills can make you money ✔️

But at the end of the day – what services should you *actually* offer? 🤷 

I got you. 

Choosing the right services to offer can be so stressful – it’s sometimes hard to grasp what skills you have versus what skills are marketable.

Deciding on your services means you’re betting on your abilities to do great work and get paid for that work.

That’s why I suggest offering what you know how to do well and branch out from there.

And to help you really define what that is, I’d like you to pull out a notepad and start jotting down tasks on your computer that you’re comfortable with.

Don’t underestimate your skills by thinking something is too inadequate to offer as a service. 

Remember, you don’t need to know everything – you just need to know more than the person you’re helping 😉

When I first started, I focused on the things I already knew 👊🏼

This is what my list of skills and experience consisted of:

  • Project management
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Managing an online calendar (Outlook and Google)
  • Email inbox organization
  • Customer service
  • Travel research and booking hotels

These skills were not earth-shattering – but they were tasks that online business needed help with.

And that’s exactly what my clients hired me for.

They needed my help to manage THEM.

  • Someone to remind them of appointments
  • To schedule their meetings
  • To keep their inbox clean
  • To create a PowerPoint presentation
  • To format a blog post or update a spreadsheet

I know plenty of executive virtual assistants that are working full time making between $25-$35 dollars an hour doing these exact tasks.

Some are making more. Some less. (And some a LOT more!)

And the really cool thing?

Not all of them had previous experience as an administrative assistant or similar. But they were able to pull from their life experience and leverage the skills that they had.

Think about your services in terms of what you know how to do really well, right now.

Start with what you’ve got. Then progress from there and learn on the job.

My first client hired me to handle travel arrangements, calendar management, and project management for a team of 4.

I didn’t learn a new skill set – I just needed to know how to access their calendar, and I was off running.

Sure, I made a ton of mistakes in the beginning – but everyone does [and I still do!] …Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying.

So, what skills do you have right now that you can use to earn an income as a virtual assistant?

Here’s a list of some of the most marketable skills that online businesses are looking for:

  • Executive Virtual Assistant
  • Email Marketing Support
  • Social Media Marketing Support
  • Customer Service Management Support
  • Graphic Design
  • Tech VA – software, website hookups
  • Blog Writing

What of the above could you start doing today?

Maybe it makes more sense to write blog posts because you keep a journal and have been writing since you were little.

Or maybe you have experience in graphic design and want to do more with that.

Make the barrier of entry into the virtual assistant industry as easy as you can.

The way to do that is to focus on the marketable skills you already have and sell THAT.

Comment and let me know what skills you have to offer (and I can help you flush out your services!)


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