Must Have Software For Virtual Assistants Part II

My community showed their appreciation for my blog post “Must Have Software For Virtual Assistants“. I decided to create a part II and list even more software that I use and recommend for virtual assistants. Get to know the following programs if you don’t already.


I swear by Squarespace. It’s the website builder I use for my two businesses and I recommend Squarespace to my clients. I am a Squarespace Circle Member and after years of working solely with WordPress, I swear by Squarespace for most online businesses. With Squarespace, you can build a stunning website in a weekend, not weeks and months like other website builders. Squarespace makes it possible for anyone to build their own website. It’s so easy, your grandma could do it.


Most business owners need a way to collect email subscribers so they can market their services or products via email. I recommend ConvertKit to all of my clients, and I use ConvertKit for my business too. If you’re considering adding email marketing support as one of your services, I highly recommend signing up to ConvertKit to learn the software well.  Whenever you sign up a client that needs ConvertKit support, have them sign up to ConvertKit using an affiliate link to make passive income.


Let’s say you have to book a call with 5 people and they are in different time zones. With Doodle you create a poll and offer several different time/date options that the participants choose which options work best for them. At the end of the poll, the poll creator picks a final option based on the results. No more going back and forth hoping to find a suitable time. Doodle is a time saver.

Time and Date Meeting Planner

I refer to this at least 10 times a month. If I have a conference call with a prospect and they are based in Victoria, Australia and I’m halfway across the world, I need to know what time zone they are in. With this tool, I just plop in their city, my city and it shoots back times that make sense for a call. This is a great tool if you’re an executive virtual assistant and need to schedule calls for your clients.

Quickbooks Self Employed

Once you start working with clients, you’ll need to track to your payments so you know what your tax requirements are. If you’re working with a few clients, tracking manually on a spreadsheet is enough. But when you start working with more than 3 clients, you’ll need to upgrade to an accounting software that keeps everything organized for you and your accountant. Making sure you know how much you owe for taxes becomes stress-free with Quickbooks Self Employed. I know what my tax requirements are at each quarter because Quickbooks shows me how much I owe. I put money to the side and never get caught off guard when tax season comes around.


Even virtual assistants need support. With Fiverr, get help on a project you’re working on and pay $5. I just recently hired someone in Vietnam to take my architectural drawings of the house I’m building and turn it into a 3D drawing. I paid $35 when it would have cost me hundreds elsewhere. The way people make money on Fiverr is by stacking their offering with additional value and charging an additional fee for the original $5 service. So for example, I might be able to hire someone to record a short video for my home page for $5. For another $10 they will add custom music for me. You can use Fiverr to get a logo designed, or some excel spreadsheet project that you need done for a client. Whatever you can think of, someone is offering it as a service on Fiverr.

Do you have any more software tools to add to the list?

Thanks for reading and please do leave a comment below, I love hearing from each and every one of you.

xx Reese

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  1. By far you are the best person to follow for information and resources on getting started as a VA!! I know i will be getting clients soon. Thank you!!

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