My Favorite Resources To Rescue You From Copy Hell

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I didn’t particularly like English class in high school. I certainly didn’t major in English in college. Today,I am envious of those who have the gift of writing. That’s because I now know how important it is to be an effective communicator both in writing and verbally. If I can give you one piece of advice as you create and build your virtual assistant business let it be this.

Learn how to write effective copy.

When you reach out to potential clients you’re writing. When you’re responding to potential clients, you’re writing. When you create your website, you’re writing. When you develop posts for your social media networks, you’re writing.

Writing is one of the most important skills you need to have if you want to have a successful business online. Most of us don’t have a budget to hire a copywriter to write amazing copy for our business so we are going to have to write everything ourselves which is great…….if you know how to write.

Unfortunately, and most of us don’t know how to write effective copy and are left scratching our heads wondering why it’s so hard getting clients. Bottom line, words sell.

I want to help you write content that gets “all eyes on you”. I want to see you stop stressing out about writing your home page and about page. I want to show you how to write an effective blog post that markets your business with ease.

So here are some of my favorite copy writing resources to help you.

A Course About Copy from Nikki Elledge Brown

Nikki created a free video training series to teach you how to write one of the most important pages on your website, your about page. After going through her free training you’ll be better equipped to write the other pages on your site.

Alexandra Franzen

Everything this beautiful soul writes I hang onto with every word. She’s one of the most talented writers I’ve come across. Start by reading this post. It’s so powerful in it’s simplicity.

Lauren Vanessa Zink

Lauren is the force behind Tiny Happy Empire and I love what’s she created.  She’s a copywriter and if you don’t have the money to hire her now start saving your money because her rates won’t be this affordable for long. She ran a great webinar recently that helps people like you and me take the stress out of writing.

Hilary Faverman

Hilary started her communications firm, Hilary Faverman Communications recently after years of people telling her that she needs to write for a living. I’ve known Hilary for years and this girl knows how to get the message across. I’ve never actually known anyone to triple major in university so Hilary is definitely unique!


I can’t say enough about the copy writing 101 course from CopyBlogger. I’ve been a huge fan of CopyBlogger for a long time and I can credit them with teaching me how to write for business.

What are some of your favorite copy writing resources? Leave them below in the comments and share the love!

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