It’s Time You Start Dressing The Part


You  know the cliché. Dress for success.

My mom has been pounding that in my brain for as long as I can remember. She’s THAT lady who no matter what put’s her face on, does her hair and can tell you which designer made your dress in a split second.

True story

A couple of years ago she had double pneumonia yet dragged herself out of bed, put on make-up, high heels and a skirt suit to go to the doctor to get an x-ray.  I stood watching this scene unfold  in total awe.  It was pointless to ask her why she is so concerned with her looks when she’s so sick. I’ve heard it a million times.

“Because in life and in business you never know who you’re going to meet so you better be ready”.

It’s taken me many years to fully appreciate her fashion advice but lucky for me, I get it now and I’m about to school you on why you need to dress for success or just go home.

It’s time to break open your closest and take stock in what you own.


When you look your best, you feel your best.

Take a look at how you dress each day?  Are you dressing for success or are you just throwing your outfit together? I’m not suggesting you need to go all ballroom on me, but do you take time to put the pieces of your outfit together? Hell it only takes some great jeans, the right t-shirt paired up with some awesome shoes and some accessories to hit a fashion slam dunk.

At this point you might be thinking, “okay Reese, we get it, we need to dress for success but we’re virtual assistants! No one ever sees us, we work from home”.


You’re marketing yourself and your business every where you go.  Your brand is YOU and when you leave the house and hit the gym, or the grocery store, or pick your kids up from school you should show the world that you’re worth taking notice of.  You never know who you’re going to meet while you’re out.  You might just meet your next client but if you’re wearing yoga pants and a scraggy shirt, no one is going to take you seriously.

Your brand among other things is how you make people feel when they encounter you in person or online.  And considering most if not all of the work you do is online, doesn’t it make perfect sense that your main marketing hub (your website) be as dressed for success as possible?

And since we’re talking about that website of yours, how do you feel about it? Does it reflect who you are and how you feel?

Take a look at yourself, then take a look at your online presence.  See any connections?  What does the way you dress say about the way you present yourself to the online world?

It’s time to take things up a notch and take pride in how you present yourself to the world around you.  By dressing up both online and off you’re making a statement and that’s going to help you with your virtual assistant business.

Rock on,


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0 thoughts on “It’s Time You Start Dressing The Part”

  1. I very consistent with how I dress when I leave my house and put some thought into it from jewelry to clothes to shoes to my hair. My website is currently undergoing reconstruction surgery so it can best represent me online just as I represent myself offline.

    1. You are somewhat of an inspiration for this post, Geniece! I love how you take care of yourself both inside and out and care about the the impression your business makes. You’re a star.

  2. Great post Reese! I totally agree, it’s amazing how much more productive I am when I really put an effort into getting dressed! I love what you said about making sure your website is dressed for success as well. I put a lot of effort in to my website making sure it was as professional as possible and I get compliments and referrals from it everyday!

    1. Thanks Jocelyn! The first time I say you online I knew you were the kind of lady that cares about how you look and that crosses over into your business as well. You’re one step ahead.

    1. Thanks Christine! I am pretty stoked about the tweet feature and happy to hear you’re using it. 🙂

  3. Sheryl M. Snitkin

    I agree! If you have your keys in hand and you don’t “dress the part” you are doing yourself – and your business – a disservice. And you feel so much more confident when you work it.

  4. Congratulations on another great post, Reese.
    I’m about to start work on my website, so I will bear this advice in mind. It makes perfect sense. I know (from personal experience) that when I’m dressed in my most *relaxed* style of clothing, the last thing I feel like doing is work; I want to relax. It stands to reason that the opposite would be true in regard to being well presented (both in person and online).

    1. Thanks Tracy, and I agree. When I take time to get dressed I walk a bit taller. There is a confidence there that you don’t have when you’re just throwing it together. And when someone visits a website that’s just thrown together it speaks loud and clear about the person/business. I would never do business with someone who didn’t have a strong online presence.

  5. Hi Reese, Great post! I always strive to achieve a certain standard in my appearance in fact, only recently I decided to start wearing my business suit again for work; something I hadn’t done since my interview there in 2013. I just decided one day that if I presented myself in a professional manner, then people would treat me in a respectable manner tool it’s surprising how great an effect your choice of clothes can have on others!I am very interested in learning more about becoming a VA – do you recruit or is this something I would have to start on my own?
    Thanks again for your inspiring, insightful blog.

  6. Thanks for reminding me of this – and sharing your mom’s wisdom. I’d been thinking for a while that I could wear whatever I wanted because I was a VA – and I was missing the opportunity to dress like I am marketing myself!
    I really felt the ah-ha when I started to network and get to know other professionals near me and my wardrobe wasn’t reflecting my awesomeness.

    I’d love to read your advice on basic and essential wardrobe pieces your mom would approve of, and we must have. Classics which we can wear for years. Go!

    1. A great blouse, Ginger with a black shirt and a belt. Great for any time of the year and always classy. XO

  7. Hello Reese!I am one who like to wear my yoga pants and sweatshirt with hair in a messy bun while I work from home. Lazy! I have read your post a couple of times, and after we spoke via phone, I am dressing the part now! I do feel better about myself and the work I do. Good clothes open all doors. 🙂

    1. Anna, I love yoga pants like anyone but I definitely feel much more powerful when I’m dressing the part. Good for you for getting dressed! xo

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