Should You Call Yourself A Virtual Assistant?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the thought of calling yourself a virtual assistant?  Have you been told that using this title means you’re subservient to your clients?  Not an equal, not an entrepreneur?

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I’ve recorded a video below to give you my opinion on why you should or shouldn’t call yourself a virtual assistant. Whether you choose to call yourself a virtual assistant or not you’ll want to check out my video below to hear what I think and what I do.

Click on the video below and make sure to leave me a comment below.

I look forward to seeing you in the comments, friends!

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0 thoughts on “Should You Call Yourself A Virtual Assistant?”

  1. Hi ReeseInteresting video. I do 60% of my work “face to face” in someone’s office. I am certainly not 100% virtual. A lot of business owners in South Africa have absolutely no idea what a virtual assistant is let alone does. I am not 100% certain that calling myself a virtual assistant was the best idea but I did and my marketing material is geared towards it so I have left it. Food for thought – thank you!
    Kind regards
    Lynne Siebrits (Katlyn VA)

  2. Hi Reese. All I can say is “slam dunk.” You addressed this question perfectly and practically. Virtual assistant is the team for me! Thanks.

    1. Geniece, I SO wish you were closer to me! I’d take you out for a drink girlfriend. I love your constant support and friendship. XO

    1. Thanks, Denise! Oooh! Virtual Legal Assistant! There is PLENTY of work out there in that niche! I know from experience as I worked as a bankruptcy VA for awhile.

  3. Hey Reese! Thank you for addressing this concern. Everyone has such an issue with calling themselves “virtual assistant” thus having a subordinate title. PLEASE get over it. It’s not that serious. As long as you know who you are and market your business and brand that’s what matters.

  4. Reese, thanks for following up with this video post. I was already calling myself a Virtual Assistant when I saw information about how some viewed the term and suggesting Virtual Consultant as an alternative title. I use both on my website and Linked In profile.
    Since we communicate with prospective clients before any agreement to partner, it’s easy enough to decline them as a client if we feel they don’t respect us as a professional. In my opinion, there’s always a workaround for the situation. So, don’t Make it an issue!

  5. Such great advice and comments! I have just started my VA journey so perfect timing on this. I decided to go with Suite-M Consulting as my business name, with Focused Administrative Support Solutions as my tag line. I have been focusing on [virtual] administrative support as my keyword and service. I have been a legal assistant for 16+ years and will be gearing my business towards supporting lawyers in their efforts beyond practicing law, i.e., their blogging, writing, seminars/teaching, website/social media support, etc. After viewing your blog post, I am further inclined to incorporate ‘virtual assistant’ on my site and SM channels to hopefully increase visibility. I will work on that! Thanks for all of the great advice and support that you share with the VA world. You are awesome!

  6. Great video, Reese. I agree, it’s a struggle to know what to call myself in this line of work. I’ve contemplated using something other than “VA” (one person said, “Veteran’s Administration?” LOL) . . . but since VA is in my business name, I’m kinda’ stuck. My business cards say “virtual personal and business assistant” because I find that, when meeting people in person, that makes a connection faster. I’m off to read your post about LinkedIn. I haven’t booked any jobs there yet and I’m not sure why. Thanks!

    1. HA! I was asked the same thing when I said I was a VA (Veteren’s Administration!). Erika, since we’re on the topic of LinkedIn, have you seen my LinkedIn training? It might help you get the boost in leads/clients that you need. Here’s the link

      1. Erika and Reese, more than once I’ve had someone respond the same way when I forgot and used only the letters VA. Veteran’s Administration? Let’s face it, they had the acronym first!
        Erika, I recently purchased Reese’s Linked In training and talk it up in other Facebook VA groups. I’ve revised my profile and need to work on some of the other tips she gives but I’m getting more views. So, that’s a step in the right direction!

  7. Hi Reese,
    You are my first contact as I begin my journey in getting started as a ‘Virtual Assistant.’ I am very glad I came across this video before my website, blog, etc is live, makes me want to re-think that term. FYI, I am a freelance writer, something that I have been working on for close to 5 years. It’s about time I got a professional look, and I am on trail for such a kick-starter. Thank you v much!

    Your wise counsel is something I need right now.


  8. Hi Reese, as always, thank you for the post. I market myself as a virtual assistant and I am still surprised as to how many people don’t know what that is or what I do. Just some info from the good ole US of A. 🙂

    1. Debbie! I’ve been thinking about you. Hope all is well with you. Big virtual hugs coming your way.

  9. Thank you for the post! Good point about keywords. I don’t use virtual assistant as my title but I do use it on my website “About” page. I prefer Brand Manager & Marketing Consultant but mostly because 95% of my clients are referrals. I may reconsider this if I choose to grow my business.

  10. I can myself a virtual assistant, but I also haven’t had to market myself really yet since my two clients pretty much came to me. I am working VERY part-time right now. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into helping all of us. 🙂

    1. Thank YOU, Marci for letting me know that my hard work and efforts are paying off and appreciated by my community.

  11. Hi Reese, Thanks for the useful tips in this video, and in all your blog posts! I’m new at all this; so I’m still trying to get clients, but I don’t have any problem with calling myself a VA. I’m used to being called a tech assistant in my previous work. Anyway, stay safe over there and hope peace comes soon!

  12. I love your video. Your down-to-earth, straightforward and outstanding advice is a beacon of light in an often confusing and competitive marketplace. I believe that in large part to your efforts there will be a good number of top-notch and successful VAs and similar professionals available to provide much-needed and valuable services. Brava! And, all best wishes for your safety and peace of mind as well as that of your country.

    1. Jeanne! So wonderful to receive your comment and compliments. Coming from you it means so much to me! Sending you love from Israel. XO

  13. I love this video. I had been wrestling for a very long time on what to call myself, due to the word “Assistant”. There is another lady I follow that would like me to use the term Administrative Consultant and to be honest that would be a fantastic term to use, but it does not resinate with anyone in the UK. I have been to soo many network meetings calling myself anything other than Virtual Assistant, every single time I had to explain what I did and how I benefit my clients. In one aspect it was good, as it gave me an opportunity to further explain to interested parties and acquire new contacts. But as soon as I went back to the term “Virtual Assistant”…BOOM! Everyone… I mean everyone I came in to contact with via network meetings (online and offline) knew what the term meant. All I had to do was tweak my speech so they knew exactly what I can offer my clients. I am no SEO expert… why reinvent the wheel??? Just go with the flow and do what works….. ROCK ON REESE!

    1. Tanya, thank you! I agree, why reinvent the wheel. Titles don’t mean anything, it’s the way you communicate your value and expertise that matters. XO

  14. Hi there. I do call my myself a virtual executive assistant… I know SEO is very important. In one year I got 5 clients. I wasn’t working so hard in the beginning but then moved quickly to get more.
    I’m going to read over all your blogs. I could certainly benefit from your expertise.

    I’ll stay in touch.. I may use you down the line…

  15. Hi Reese,
    I have been trying to find work as a VA for the past 6 months, since I took early retirement. I happened to come across your website and love all the information you put out there but for some reason, I am apprehensive to get started with my own business. Where should I start??

    1. Lynn, start here! This website is chock full of information to help you get started.If you have questions, just post a comment. XO

  16. Betsy Rackliffe

    Thank you for the information! It is a valid point “what Are people searching for”? If our goal is to make their life easier, doesn’t it make sense to make it easy for them to find us? On the flip side, when I was very firstly getting into this I looked up the definition of an assistant vs a secertary and there’s a pretty big one. According to the articles a secretary is one you give tasks to, where an assistant gets projects and is thought of more as a team player and more loyal.On a personal note, I believe, no one can make me feel deminished (I’m good enough at that myself.) I’m proud to be a VA. I find fulfillment in making other’s lives a bit easier.
    Thank you for this and all your other posts!!!

    1. Betsy, thank YOU! You are right. No one can make you feel diminished. One of my favorite quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

  17. Hi Reese,
    first, I continue to pray for your safety in Isreal, and for resolution to the conflict.

    I am calling myself Virtual Assisant, with a focus in Marketing/PR/Customer Aquisition.

    I am creating my business name “Your Virtual Assistant” so it’s still up on my LinkedIn profile. People as I’m talking to them are wanting to know what I do; so I send them a summary of my services, but while they’re talking to me, I find out what they need. I can do a number of things, I see. But what matters is what they need.

    I’ll do it well, and we’ll keep rolling from there. Thoughts?

  18. My daughter is just starting her business as a virtual assistant to help her pay for her university tuition. She can work a few hours a day and make some money. I’ll be forwarding your blog site for her to read. Thanks for the tips so far.

  19. Juliet Deissroth

    Hello Reese,
    I’ve recently moved to a remote rural community from Los Angeles and would like to maximize my income potential by creating a Virtual Assistant business. I have maintained one contract client from the city who has had me Project Manage two jobs but has paid me a very low hourly rate ongoing since my first job with him in December 2014. I’m not afraid to lose him as a client, but I do hope he will be able to refer me for additional business and write a positive and shining testimonial on my new VA website, which I can send a link to if that is helpful. I haven’t published it as of yet. I’m curious what your thoughts are on this and if you have any suggestions for me going forward.

    Thank you so much for the invaluable information you’ve shared about your experience.

    1. Juliet, definitely ask for a testimonial! They are pretty key in getting more clients down the line. Thanks for writing and sorry it took AGES to respond.

  20. Hi Reese,
    I like the title of Professional Virtual Assistant. I realize the Virtual Assistant business we have established should indicate that but the addition in the title seems to give it that extra touch. I am working on a VA Certification at this time and then will probably consider using Certified Professional Virtual Assistant.

    This seems to add value even when still using Assistant. Probably would have liked to consider something other than assistant, but I agree with you that Virtual Assistant would be what the public and future clients are searching for.



      1. Thanks Reese, but what do you think about adding Entrepreneur to the end?Professional Virtual Assistant Entrepreneur

        What are you thoughts?


  21. Love the video- very helpful! I’m new at becoming a virtual assistant and would love to know how to put the keyword into LinkedIn to help clients find me for work.

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