How To Use Google Drive To Organize And Share Files

how to use google drive to organize and

Of all the online software I use, Google Drive is the one I use the most.  Whenever I am coaching an aspiring virtual assistant on the ins and outs of the virtual assistant business I usually always mention the importance of learning how to use Google Drive.

Google Drive is an office suite of productivity applications.   What does that mean?

It means that you can collaborate and share documents such as Word documents, Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations with your clients without having to send the files as attachments in email.   No more going back and forth dictating what changes need to be made and multiple copies of a document.  Just choose who you want to share your files with and viola!

To give you an example of how I use Google Drive let’s say I have several clients.  Each client has the contract that we signed before we started working together.  In addition to our contract I have all the log in information they have shared with me for their websites, social media accounts and other software they use to run their business.  I need to keep all of this information stored, organized and easily accessible so that I can access this infomration at a moments notice no matter where I am in the world.

For each and every file I have on my Google Drive I have the ability to share that file with anyone I want so long as they have a Gmail account (note: to share with non-Gmail users click here)

In the video below I’ll give you a quick tutorial on how to use Google Drive to organize your files and share those files with your clients.



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Rock on, Reese

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0 thoughts on “How To Use Google Drive To Organize And Share Files”

  1. One of my clients put all his templates for us on his Google Drive. Each one has formatting including bold, bullets, tabs. paragraphs, and a font he likes. When I copy and paste this document into an Outlook email, it loses ALL the formatting which is a huge waste of time for me (and cost to him) to reformat it.
    How can I get these docs in Google Drive to go into a new Outlook email and hold the formatting?

    I never have this “lost format” problem with DropBox docs.

  2. Terrific tutorial. I am just starting to make more use of Google Drive. I have just recently learned that you can color-code the folders. Right-click on the folder and choose change color from the pop-up menu.Thanks again Reese for being so generous with your information.

    1. Jan, really happy you found the tutorial helpful and yes, color coding the folders is super helpful!

  3. Dependable Assistsnce-Janna

    Hi Reese,My friend shared this with me as I’m just starting out and need lots of information to be an successful VA. I will definitely be wanting to sign up to receive your information that you share.


  4. This was very helpful. As a travel and event planner I am looking for a virtual roledex of sorts. One where I can store contact info, as well as events books and notes. Going to try and create something in Drive

  5. Reese,
    I just love you! Everything you share is practical and so useful, and you share it so that it is easy to understand and implement. Thank you!

    ~ Rockin’ Robin

    1. Robin! Where have you been? I miss seeing you here on the blog. Thank you for your lovely comment!

  6. Thanks for this reminder. I was just thinking what is the best way to share a working file with one of my clients and temporarily stored it in Dropbox but I think our Shared Google file will work better. Sometimes I’m not fond of Google docs due to lack of formatting options but it does allow for teams to work on the same docs. Thanks, again, for the tips and reminders!

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