How To Create An Email Filter With Gmail And Tame Your Inbox

How To Create Email Filters Using Gmail

Are you aware that on average we spend close to 13 hours a week managing email?  I don’t know about you but I can think of a lot of things I’d rather spend 13 hours doing each week.  Email is not one of them.

We’re constantly bombarded with emails on a daily basis.  What’s maddening is the amount of times I personally have missed an important email because it got lost in the black hole vortex of my email inbox.

To wrangle this beast, I took steps toward getting my inbox organized so I would never miss an important email again and always knew where to find emails without having to spend valuable time searching.

In the short video below I will walk you through my email inbox and show you how you can set up email filters that will save you valuable hours each week so that you’re only reading the emails that you need to read and filter out the noise.



Did you find this tutorial helpful?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.



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20 thoughts on “How To Create An Email Filter With Gmail And Tame Your Inbox”

  1. This video was very helpful and couldn’t have come at a better time. I was just thinking that I needed to clean up my subscriptions as I was reading the name of this video. Quite serendipitous!

  2. Good tips. I’ve been using these for some time. Filters however are not viewed when reading emails on mobile device unless logged in through google chrome browser first. However, emails can be moved to primary, social, promotion, update folders easily

  3. Not least important is Gmail’s “tab” setup (you know, that thing they were all saying was the “death of email marketing” a few months back).
    As an email marketer I celebrated the tabs when they were launched. And, no, I didn’t “make sure to move our e-mails to the Primary tab” for ANYONE.

    Twice weekly I schedule time to work my way through my backlog of info-courses, ezines, etc. I’ve purchased, been given, subscribed to, etc. I like knowing all that stuff is in one place.

    So long as the lists I subscribe to continue to entertain and educate, they have no fear of me scrolling to the link at the bottom.

    1. Adam, happy to hear that you were not one of the marketers that freaked out when Gmail implemented their tab filtering system. I can’t tell you how many emails I got asking me to move their information to my primary tab. I love the tab feature as well as it’s another layer of organization and for me, that’s important.

  4. This was really helpful Reese. I’ve been really happy with the new Gmail tabs myself for the same reasons that you and Adam mention above, but it’s nice to have this as another option, especially for clients. Thanks for sharing!

  5. My problem is that I have so many emails, well over 300 this morning, that trying your organization system means that I now have to remenber to check those folders too. And I FORGET!! I need to respond appropriately to them while I have them in front of me or they may never be replied to at all.
    Any thoughts?

    BTW: Nice to have you back youn’un!!

  6. Tracy van Alphen

    Awesome video – thanks Reese. I already use filtering to an extent, but I will definitely now be upping the anti 🙂 Thanks.

  7. Short and sweet! Thank you. I am going straight to my inbox to organize! I sent you an email today and I am hoping to speak to you some more soon.

  8. Thank you for your demo – it was excellent! Now I will figure out how to set this up in my outlook.

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