How To Create A 6-Figure Virtual Assistant Business

Just recently during one of my coaching sessions one of my VA coaching clients asked me to help figure out how to help her earn more money and work less time.   I mean, after all, isn’t this the dream of any entrepreneur (okay maybe not everyone, but most people I know anyway)?   If you haven’t read Tim Ferriss’ book The 4 Hour Work Week I highly suggest you take a look.

Don’t we as virtual assistants constantly talk about how we are going to help our clients get time back for themselves?   Well what about us?  Are we not entrepreneurs ourselves?  Don’t we need to start thinking like an entrepreneur?

I know that as a mother to four I have to find creative ways to make more money in less time because I don’t have an unlimited amount of hours a day to work like my husband does.  My work day ends at close to 1:30pm as I have to start collecting my kids and that’s when stage 2 starts.   Stage 2 is “Reese the mommy” and I am full on – every day.   Lunch, homework, laundry, one-on-one time, play-time, dinner, bath time and then bed.

Between laundry, cooking, and spending quality time with my kids I just don’t have the ability to work 8 hours a day like some of my counterparts (have you ever seen the laundry room of a 6 person family?  I should post a picture just for fun).

This is why I knew the only way I was going to earn great money was by thinking out of the box.

In the video below I will explain how I started working as a virtual assistant and very quickly realized that due to the amount of work on my plate I needed to hire a team to help support me and my clients.    Making some changes in my business enabled me to earn 6-figures.

Sit back, relax and watch the video below.



Leave me a comment below and let me know what questions you have.

Rock on, Reese

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0 thoughts on “How To Create A 6-Figure Virtual Assistant Business”

  1. Another great blog – thanks Reese. Sending positive thoughts to you from NZ for your daughter’s appointment. Hope it goes well.
    That is a topic I’m sure we all wanted to hear – I know it is of great benefit to me. The bottom line is what it’s all about … if we can’t pay our mortgages or look after our families, then what’s the point?

    1. Damn straight, Tracy! We are not leaving our 9-5 jobs to struggle are we? NO we are becoming entrepreneurs to grow financially and gain more freedom. Freedom to spend more time with our kids, with our loved ones or whatever it is that we choose.

  2. Reese,I feel your pain. I had open heart surgery in 2011 due to a valve problem. Now I have a mechanical valve so I understand heart issues. Has to be even worse when it’s one of your children, especially if they’re too young to understand. It’s truly amazing the things that they can do now. But rest assured we will be standing with you!

    1. Quay, I am so sorry to hear that you know so well what it means to have issues with the heart. Ugh….Yes, it’s really quite unnatural to have to worry about your child going through such risky operations and procedures. That said, you are right. The things they can do today in the cardiac cathertizaion lab astounds me. My daughter has had two cardiac caths and both have saved her from additional open heart surgeries. I only pray that she will see the day that she will no longer need open heart surgery and can have procedures done only in the cath lab. Thank you so much for telling me a little of your story, Quay. Much love.

  3. Hi Reese! I’m praying for you and your daughter. It is incredibly stressful when we have to watch our children go through things beyond our control like that. Hang in there!
    Appreciate your videos and the info you share and you’ve got my wheels turning this morning. 🙂

  4. Thanks Reese! All the best with your daughter’s follow-up – sending you loads of positive vibes. And I must tell you, you are really talented to mix up being funny with presenting great content – you make me laugh – but I learn from you each and every time. Well done on a great post.

    1. Thanks, Lynne! I learned from a great online entrepreneur that editing video while a great idea isn’t always worth the time so it’s better to be yourself and let all the bloopers roll. Leave them in for a real down to earth effect. Thanks for the well wishes for my daughter, too. XOXO

  5. Whazzz Up Reesy Reese! This is the first time that I was able to connect to your video……First things first, I am a prayer warrior and will be praying that everything is functioning according to purpose in your angel’s body.
    Now, back to you…young lady, you are definitely a Rock Star! And I’m becoming a groupie! Can’t wait to get started, thinking of something that can become my Passive Income Revenue, I’m currently in the 6-figures by way of government contracting, I am shooting for 6-figures by way of rocking my VA business. Looking forward to the 17th or 18th, until next time, take care Coach Reese!

    1. Shelia, you are so much fun! I can’t wait to meet you! THANK YOU for your positive attitude and well wishes for my baby. Speak to you on Sunday girl!

  6. Great post, Reese. As I develop my VA Business toward launching, I’m already looking ahead how I can grow it to a 6 figure business. Thanks for your down to each video. 🙂

  7. Hi Reese!
    I’ll keep you and your daughter in my thoughts and hope that her check-up shows that everything looks great.

    I would love to see a photo of the laundry room for 6 people! I don’t understand the feat of science involved with giving four kids baths every day. You are a magician. I might resort to a hose and some soap in the backyard.

    You brought up a point in your video that I’ve been thinking about and running into a little bit, but also feel kind of bad bringing up… which is how to compete with VAs from abroad that only charge $4-6/hr for their services. I hope that doesn’t sound insensitive. I am very grateful to know that many people have jobs that they wouldn’t normally have access to and are undoubtedly changing their entire communities because of it. But, how do we know which clients are willing to pay more money to those of us who live in the US and elsewhere so we can make it to six figures, and how do we target them in our marketing?

    Thanks, Reese.


    1. Sarah, you made me laugh out loud! I totally give my kids water hose showers (while they are inside of a kiddie pool) outside in the backyard when it’s hot. They dig it, it’s quick and easy. As for your questions, there are SO many clients who would never work directly with overseas VAs because they can’t trust them with the things that they can trust us with. How would an overseas VA fare booking a cross country trip for a client? How would they know which airport is best and why? How would they understand travel time to and from meetings? I could go on and on but the point is that often times clients need a VA who is aware of local and national infrastructure. More on this later! You’ve given me a great idea for a blog post.

      1. Thanks, Reese! 🙂 Ahh…I miss those days of kiddie pooling it. If I was sure my neighbors wouldn’t think I was deranged, I might get one for myself now and hang out in it on hot days.
        Very good points, indeed! And I’d totally love to read a post of your further thoughts, too.

        I guess it’s all in how your market yourself as well, your brand, the personality you inject into your website, LinkedIn profile, making yourself seem more approachable, and of course how you confidently showcase your skills. And as in any industry, there are always going to be people who charge more, or less. It’s sometimes just discouraging to Google “virtual assistant” and the first hundred articles/posts are from business owners whose motivations for recommending VAs seem mostly based in very inexpensive prices. It’s sometimes just a frustrating stereotype we have to fight to overcome when explaining what we do.

        Thanks for the ideas about creating passive income as well. I hadn’t considered that, and now I’ve got some ideas brewing.

        You’re awesome. I’m so glad this site exists and always value your posts.


  8. Reese, you are such an inspiration. Whenever I am questioning my sanity I just plug in to one of your blogs. It always puts everything in perspective, motivates, and keeps me pushing through.I’d love to know- do you have any tips for managing a team of VAs? How do you facilitate the successful interaction between the client and VA, how “involved” do you get and how do you maintain things like quality and reputation.
    ps- Looking forward to our Jerusalem date tomorrow 😉

    1. Sarah, I adore you. Thank you. As for managing a team of VAs I have a lot of opinions on the matter. You could run your business in such a way that you and only you interface with the clients as the “project manager” or you could have your VAs interface directly with the clients. I would like to think that you could really grow your business if your VAs interface directly. The way to do this is to create contracts, weekly or bi-weekly calls with your clients to make sure they are happy with the quality of the work their VA is providing. You only need to get involved if there is an issue but you should definitely have your finger on the pulse of all activities so you know from a high level what each VA is working on and how much he/she is working for each client. We will discuss this more when I see you tomorrow!

  9. Positive thoughts sent your way for your daughter!!!I wanna be just like you when I grow up 🙂
    You are a ROCK STAR!!! And you continue to inspire me more and more with each Blog/Vlog you send our way.
    A very big THANK YOU!!!

  10. Hi Reese,Just wanted to say a big thank-you for your blog and for your honesty and humour and straight-forwardness. You so remind me of Julia Roberts, but expect you get sick of being told that?! Will be thinking of you and your little girl and sending positive and healing vibes. I’m sure you will have good news next week. You are a very brave lady and I can’t get over how much you achieve each day. I think you should write a book one day about your life and how you left America for Israel, the culture shock (if there was one) and how you adjusted, how you managed a marriage a home and having four children AND started a very successful business. No doubt you will go onto do many more exciting and challenging things in your life which could fill more volumes! Good luck or should I say “mazel tov” for next week. xx

    1. Jan, so funny that you mention Julia R. People have been telling me that since I was 12 back when she first starred in Mystic Pizza. As soon as Pretty Women hit the screen I heard it every week. It’s such a huge compliment so thank you! I was so touched by your comment. Seriously. Brought me to tears. Much love you, Jan! XOXO

      1. Didn’t want to make you cry Reese! Write that book and Julia Roberts could star as you in the movie! Glad to hear your fantastic news. Much love too to you and your family. Jan xx

        1. Hi Jan! Yeah, I was just so touched by all the amazing comments like yours….have a lovely rest of your week!

  11. Once again you have put a smile on my face with your down to earth, be yourself blog vid’s! Sending you and your baby girl positive healing thoughts and prayers! Have a Great week!

  12. This was a great VLOG. I enjoy listening to you and you are always so down to earth with your advice. Big question is where do you get the 10-20 clients and are you selling your services as a package deal or by the hour? Is your main marketing still on Linkedin or have you expanded? What is your (if any) your marketing budget?

    1. Thanks Cindy! I have never paid for advertising. All of my marketing has been on social media networks. From Facebook groups, to LinkedIn groups. I have recieved lead after leave from these two networks. Once you have a few clients you start to see referrals from word of mouth so this helps as well. You could try using Facebook ads. I would highly suggest using them and I will be implementing them soon with my VA Coaching business. Doesn’t need to cost a lot and you can really target your ideal clients.

  13. Lisa H. (New York)

    Hello Reese… Your vlog was inspiring because I’m new and still figuring out how to actually gain clients. My 3-part question is: are you set up as a sole proprietorship with VAs on your payroll? Is it expensive to set up this type of proprietorship? What system do you use to keep track of your employees’ tax withholdings and things of that sort? It all seems so very complicated to me as an aspiring entrepreneur. (I’m also earning residual monthly income as a Nu Skin independent distributor.) Thanks in advance and hope your daughter’s doing well!

    1. Lisa, you could have your employees set up as sub-contractors so you don’t have to have them on your payroll. They would need to fill out a 1099 form each year and you would just report how much you paid them. Makes things easier but again speak to your accountant as he/she would understand your unique situation according to where you live.

  14. Wow that was really awesome. I just followed you recently and your ideas are unbelievable. I will definitely do that also on my fresh new blog site.
    More Power to you Reese. I’m truly grateful.



    1. Hi Julie! First, thank you for joining my online community! We love that you’re here! I hope to see more of you 🙂

  15. Hi Reese.
    I am just getting my virtual assistant business started. I love your blog posts and all of your helpful advice. Really glad I found you on Twitter.


    1. Dal I am so glad you found me! Have you figured out what core services you will offer to your target market yet?

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