What Is Storytelling For Business?


You know what storytelling is but do you know that storytelling can take your virtual assistant business and website from boring to WOW FACTOR just by telling your personal story?

I’m not talking about any story, I’m talking about the story that describes how you got to this place in your life.  Why you decided to become a virtual assistant, your unique personal story of WHY you do what you do.  People want to know who you are and what you believe.

When you get personal with someone, something quite fascinating happens.   They either resonate or they don’t, and those that do resonate with your story often feel like they’ve found someone who truly understands what they need.

How can you infuse your own personal story into your virtual assistant brand?

Watch my video below to learn how you can start telling your own personal story and stand out from the crowd in the virtual assistant industry.



After you’ve watch the video leave me a comment below and let me know what you think about storytelling for your virtual assistant business?

Rock on, Reese

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0 thoughts on “What Is Storytelling For Business?”

  1. Hey Reese! Love the video! Telling my story is something I’ve had a hard time with. Soooo much junk back there and a lot about bad job/bosses that can’t be shared keep me from sharing how I got where I am. (Thinking of going with the 8 children angle… You know.. “Here’s a story…” haha!) Val’s website has inspired me though. I looked at it a few days ago and even contacted the people who helped her. I’m meeting with her branding people on Friday! I’ve been thinking of doing a photo shoot for a while now and doing my own rebranding (not too drastic keeping the frogs). I’ve put so much into my clients brands that I’ve let mine go too long. Your video, Val’s blog, and my new business/marketing plan have my brain working on overload! Can’t wait to do something for my business for a change! I’m confident it will also help me get more clients! 😀 Thanks again Reese!!

    1. Thank you as ever, Sheila!!! You should definitely tell your story about having 8 kids. That’s one hell of a story that I know everyone will find interesting. I’m also so excited to hear that you’re going to work with Val’s friends on your branding. NICE.

  2. Hi Reese, love your all your videos and they are always so timely. Today I have been working on SEO for my website and thinking about how to make the content more engaging. Then I read my emails and found your link for this video about storytelling for engaging content! Talk about timing! Now I’m brimming with ideas!
    You Rock! Thanks!

  3. Hi Reese:
    Once again another great posting. I love this idea and hey I don’t know that my story is all that interesting, but be working on and see where it goes.

    On a side know do you know of anyone looking for an intern or that would be interested in mentoring a beginner VA like myself?

    1. A lot of VAs are looking for interns to mentor. Stick around here and you’ll find someone who will snatch you right up! 🙂

  4. Hi Reese,I have been wanting to start up my own VA business forever, in fact I even have it posted in LinkedIn. Been procrastinating due to helping with caretaking of my father who has Alzheimer’s. This has put be “on hold” so to speak but after watching your video I AM READY!

    My experience is fabulous and I want to know more. Can you hook me up?

    I’m rocking on!

  5. Love this posting Reece. I’m helping write blog posts for LeapFrogVA Network and this has really got my mind thinking of a post I can write. Thank you so much for your ever flowing supply of inspiration. You ROCK!!

  6. I am so honored to be a part of this community! I love how you say “Val says ‘this is who I am in all my splendor, do you like me or not?’ ” because that’s exactly who I am…a take it or leave it kinda gal. The best part about telling your story is that you NEVER have to explain yourself to your clients once you do. They know that you have kids, you love your dog, you go to yoga, you have a passion for cooking….etc. etc. AND they connect with you over it and want you to go to that yoga class because they know how important it is to them. It’s a win win.
    Your story, Reese, is priceless…what an adventure! Sin City to the Holy City and you lived to tell the tale. Rock on, sister, and keep sharin’ it. xo

    1. Val, I am equally as honored that you’re a part of my community. Glad you enjoyed my story but wait until I really release “my story”. You’re mouths are going to drop. It’s that interesting. 🙂

  7. Reese,I’ve heard you say this before, and I took this advice on my homepage (a schpiel about how running a business can be like growing a garden, because I am, by blood and by passion, a farmer) I loved it, but now, everytime I look at it, i have this twinge of 2nd guessing, like….maybe I lose someone before they even click through the rest of the site to see what Marie is all about. Can you talk some more about the lines..and how to keep from blurring them between appropriate and inventive and “too much information”? Thanks girl, you rock. MG

  8. Lon Phillips

    First, the technical details: I dunno if it’s my ‘puter or your setup, but there is a constant disjointing between mouth movements and your words, which BTW are great!I have to get enough money for the business startup costs, especially insurance, so I have NO idea when I’ll ever go live as a VA! I’m archiving all your emails, blog posts, ramblings , etc. for inspiration!
    My story is pretty boring and I don’t want people to stay away in droves because of it!

    1. Hey Lon! Yeah, what the HELL is up with my video?! Grrr, so frustrating but perhaps it adds to the silliness of me. Who knows. So happy you’re here, Lon. If I can be an inspiration to you than I am doing my job. No story is boring, there is always a way to find something interesting within our unique stories….don’t forget that.

  9. Kaci Michael

    Story telling…ummm, okay. I have written my biography in several professional capacities. They were pretty boring to me; in an attempt to no get personal. So, the next one-thanks to you Reese-will be comparable to me telling my story (not biography) at a cocktail party while socializing; wanting to get some jokes into the conversation. That I do well.
    Thanks Reese,


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