Summer Vacation: How To Run Your VA Biz With Kids At Home

So you’ve got kids and now that summer is upon is it’s time for you to figure out your work schedule vis-a-vis your clients needs. If you’re anything like me and have very young kids that means you’re going to need to be creative and find solutions to be able to work a few hours a day while the kids are awake.

In the video below I’m going to tell you how I manage things when my kids are at home during summer vacation.   Just because the kids are home doesn’t mean you can’t get work done.  Watch the video and learn how to keep momentum.



What are your plans this summer with your kids or family?   Leave a comment below!

Rock on,


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15 thoughts on “Summer Vacation: How To Run Your VA Biz With Kids At Home”

  1. Indy Rosario

    Hi Reese!!
    Loved your video! I’m actually having to send my very active children to summer camp. It is going to be a crazy summer because camp is very expensive here in Florida but there is absolutely no way I could get anything done with my babies in the house for 11 weeks!!

    1. Indy, thanks! I too couldn’t get anything done last summer and the summer’s before so keeping my kids home wasn’t an option. As my kids get a bit older it gets “somewhat” easier to have them home for the summer. Nevertheless I still need to keep them busy so I’m going to bring in my mother’s helpers and do trade off play-dates as much as possible.

  2. Hi Reese,This is my first Summer that I am working full time that my 3 kids will be home!

    Last year I still worked part time and would work outside most afternoons while they played in my backyard. A kiddie pool, trampoline and assorted toys kept them busy enough to tire themselves out, which bought me even more time once they were tired enough to come in and play quietly. If it rained- they still go outside with umbrellas for as long as possible.

    I also enjoy the trade off playdate idea. I’ll send my 5 year old to her friends house for the day (win for me) then another day that friend will come to my house to keep my daughter busy (win for me). I think staying positive, planning in advance and being creative you can find ways to make it work.

    1. Tracy, you’re so right. Trading off play-dates is such a win-win because even when the kids are at your house, they keep each other occupied. I am known as the fearless mom in my neighborhood. I can often be found at home with almost 10 kids in the house (each one of my kids has a friend and a couple extra just for fun!). While the mess (and noise) is outrageous the fun is non-stop and they don’t need me every second.

  3. Thanks for the tips Reese!I have a 3-year-old son and live in St Lucia. I’m originally from the UK and miss all the options that I would have for childcare if I was there. However, my son is pretty well behaved (for a 3-year-old!) and luckily I’m a bit of a night owl so can get work done while he’s sleeping.
    I like your idea of getting a young person to come and play with him for a couple of hours during the day. I’m sure one of his cousins would love to do it for the mere cost of a mobile phone top-up! :o)

  4. Timely topic Reese. Seems your the only one brave enough to discuss in the VA space. My daughter is 2.5. We are generally together during the day. If I have to seriously concentrate lately have been dropping her to play at a city sponsored play center. It’s 7 bucks an hour for up to 4 hrs each day. Other days I employ a 2 hr time block of work periods until nap. Staying flexible is definitely the key. Must admit my client load is not full so still building momentum. These strategies will pay off for sure! Thanks!!

    1. Thanks, Jenelle! As you know I have 4 kids and my biggest source of pride is being able to balance work/life/family. There is ALWAYS a way if you have the will! Sometimes it just requires so out-of-the-box thinking. It’s surprising to me just how many moms out there haven’t thought of bringing a neighborhood kid over to play with their kids in order to get some work done. A friend of mine used to trade babysitting from neighborhood kids for Popsicles!

  5. Thanks, Reese! I have been wanting to start my VA biz for a LONG time, but have let fear hold me back. The subject of your post today has been one thing I was afraid of, not being able to work with my kids in the house. I wonder if summer is a good time to start my biz since the rest of our lives are not quite as hectic with school being out and all. What’s your thought on this?

    1. Sandra, GO FOR IT! You can start doing small steps to get yourself ready for business so that by the time school starts you’ll be ready to rock and roll. Everything begins with a first step. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Reese! I have got my brochure & card done. I’ve probably over-thought all this since I’ve been wanting to do this so long ~ LOL! I plan to get to work on a website week after next while I’m off work for the 4th of July week. I REALLY appreciate your encouragement & all the great advice on your site. : )

        1. Sandra, really pleased to hear that you’re a few steps closer to realizing your goal of becoming a VA! Thank you for being a part of my community!

  6. I’ve only just started my business so my client base for now is small, but great ideas for when I more business. For now it will be play dates, camps, and being blessed with kids that like to sleep in and play outside with their friends. My big concern isn’t my kids, but their friend who just doesn’t get the idea when it comes to boundaries.

  7. I just saw this…and you are ON THE MONEY. I sent my 10 year old to day camp, invited friends over on playdates, and switched off with other parents. That was the month of July. August, I’m taking a week off and BAM! School starts August 13th.
    Great video (as usual).


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