What Is A Virtual Assistant?

What is a virtual assistant?

It’s time to get down to the basics!  What is a virtual assistant and how you can learn to become a virtual assistant?   If you’re an administrative professional then you already have skills and talents to become a successful virtual assistant!

If you’re interested in learning more about the virtual assistant industry than watch the video below.



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0 thoughts on “What Is A Virtual Assistant?”

  1. Tried to watch the video but there was no sound to it.Still interested if you could please send more information.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Karen, the sounds works just fine. Perhaps there is some issue with your speakers? Thanks for trying to listen in!

  2. Hello Reese,
    That was a “Great eye opener.” Thank you for sharing on “How to become a virtual assistant.” I would love more information on how to market yourself or start a business. Can you elaborate on that? I have the skills, computer and software. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Take care.
    Wishing you Much Success!!


    1. Hi Ramona, glad the video helped you understand what a virtual assistant is. To get more information on how to market yourself or start a business check out and

  3. Hi Reese, I listened to your video and the idea of working this way is the thing for me, right now. I have worked in the office, as an Admin, for years. I would like some pointers on how I could market myself and move forward in this direction. Please let me know.


    1. Joann, I have written a lot of blog posts that I am sure can answer your questions. Please dig in and leave me a comment whenever you have a question. Welcome to the tribe!!!

  4. Hi Reece – Just watched your video above. I would love to know more about how to become, market myself, and what all is required/entailed in becoming a virtual assistant. I have the skills, ambition and initiative to get the job done!!
    Thanks for a reply at your convenience.

    Regards, Beth

    1. Hi Beth! The first place to start is here on my blog. Go through all the old posts and just consume all that content. There is a ton of information and I have a feeling you’re questions will be answered. After that start looking at what other VAs are doing online. Get a feel for how they service their clients, their branding, etc. DO NOT copy them. Unfortunately our industry is a “bit” boring. I am on a mission to change that one virtual assistant at a time! Be yourself and your clients will love you for it.

  5. Hi Reese
    Inspiring as always. I like to watch your videos to get me motivated with my day. It’s scary and exciting making that transformation from office to virtual. VA’s are a great network of people that are always willing to help the newbies.

    Look forward to hearing more


    1. Michelle, THANK YOU!!!!! I just adore you and I have to admit I just love what you’re doing with your business! Would love to get an update on how things are going? XOXO

  6. Reese, great video, I as well am one of those people that have tons of AA experience and am interested in the the virtual assistant role. It looks as though I need to do some reading up on how to “market” myself, because that’s what I’m stuck on! I kind of like going to the office and having all the stuff there, plus the people, but am looking for another way to make money while job hunting. Thanks for the info though!

  7. Renee Redding

    Hi Reese,
    I am interested in becoming a virtual assistant. I could definitely use some help with this.


  8. Hi Reese
    Thanks for sharing with us – I am very excited about going down the VA route as my husband and I want to travel in our motorhome and I want to be able to work from that. So, I will have a look at your blogs straight away.


  9. Thanks for the video. I too am interested. I retired from the IT field back in 2010. Have done the work of an Admin Assistant since 1973, even while working in the IT field, as I wore many hats, as I was the only female in the office and was good at keeping our office organized in addition to supporting a large network. I am only 57 and want to continue working part time, but I too have run across lots of age discrimination in my area here in New Hampshire. I would love to work from home putting together word documents, organizing files using spreadsheets, etc. and would love to know how to market my skills. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  10. Hello Reese!
    I read in one of your comments / responses that you subcontract people to work for you / help you out to manage your clients / tasks.

    I think that is so important but it can also be very tricky!

    So, I leave here a suggestion for you next article, how about write about this subject? – how to find a person to work for you, how to train that person, which jobs you can delegate, how to maintain / retain that person with you, how to not lose your client to that person (LOL)

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Simone –
      I have run into that situation myself. When I was a new VA, I attempted to subcontract some of my work when I became overloaded, but I essentially “shot myself in the foot”, so to speak, by taking on subcontractors who proved unreliable and untrustworthy to do the work on schedule and to my standards. It cost me more than one project and client before I put a stop to it – a hard lesson learned. It’s definitely a tricky situation. It’s not impossible, but requires a great deal of thought and care in selection of the subcontractor. You have to have assurances beforehand that your subcontractor is going to do the work with the same care and skill that *you* would.

      I’d love to see an article on that topic as well. I do not plan to subcontract in the near future, but I think it would be a valuable topic for discussion.

  11. Hi, currently working as an EA but unhappy. Once I have the money to start my own VA business I think I’ll take the big step–that is my biggest obstacle–but I cannot do unless I can make a living from this. I’ve been thinking of this for years now and you and your website have given me some important information and maybe a bit of courage to make the step. Thank you for what you are doing! I only hope I can be successful as you some day within the next year or two. Eileen

    1. Thank YOU for being a part of my community, Eileen! You have no idea how much I appreciate you. xoxo

  12. This sounds very interesting. I would love to look into this further maybe it’s something I can do in the afternoons after work.

  13. Hello Reese, firstly my appreciation for your putting up this video and the clear sound, image and ideas. What do you think of the market for VAs in Asia – India in particular? Is it worthwhile in this times of economic recessions?
    I find that this idea of Virtual Assistant is not taking-off in India or else, by now I would be one as I have heard about VAs since the last 3-4 years! Any suggestions on how I approach people to make me their VA?

    1. Caroline, the VA industry overseas is booming! I can’t stress this enough. If you look on websites like ODesk or Elance you’ll see that a lot of the virtual assistants that are getting work are based in the Philippines and India. I have hired a few virtual assistants from these countries so there is definitely a need and market!

  14. Thank you Reese for taking the time to introduce the VA concept to administrative professionals. I am interested in finding clients that would be open to a part-time VA in the evening. I will review your archives and see how I need to get started.

    1. Teri, I’ll be honest in that my website needs a tune up so you can better access the archives! I’m working on that as we speak! I am so glad you’re here and thank you for reading!!!!

  15. This is something I definitely need to check into, I am a single parent of two with nine bosses! I haven’t taken a entire vacation in all most three years of working in my current position. I do check and answer emails from home. I am very interested in learning more.

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