Virtual Assistants Are A Dime A Dozen

Virtual assistants are a dime a dozen.   They provide the same services and the only thing that sets them apart from the next virtual assistant is how much they charge. It’s very unfortunate but your prospects are thinking this.   Watch the video below to get the low down on how you can change their minds and get them excited about working with you.  Make sure to watch the video to the very end.  There are some serious a-ha moments here!



Virtual Assistants Are A Dime A Dozen via @ReeseBY

After you watch the video to the very end, leave me a comment below and tell me what you think about what it means to stand out in the marketplace.

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0 thoughts on “Virtual Assistants Are A Dime A Dozen”

  1. Oh HELL Reese!! You put two of my favorite topics together in such an insightful way. I’ve been scouring the web, attending webinars and such, networking and meeting all these fabulous successful people (yourself included). And all I could think was “I want to be just like them”. WRONG!! I forgot that one of my favorite questions from customers was “where do I find one just like you” and I had no answer because I didn’t know anyone JUST like me. I made it to where I was because I was unique. Somehow I have to bring my uniqueness back into my brand. Thank you!! Bless you for pointing this out and curse you because I just added a whole bunch of rewrites to my To Do List. LOL

    1. Pamela, damn straight lady! First I want to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your energy!!! You bring your own set of uniqueness, your own heart and soul to the business you own and NO one can compare to you. Bringing your uniqueness back into your brand is critical so get to it girl and don’t look at this as a curse but as a fun new mission you’re going to embark on. Have fun with your business because as Confucius says: “If you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life”.

  2. Hey Reese
    Your comments about Apple computers resonated with me. I think the reason why people want to buy Apple is that the users of those computers and software are selling it.

    They use it, they love it, they tell 10 of their friends and so on.

    Same with me and my chosen skincare brand. I used it, I loved it, and so I am telling all of my friends about it, and stand by the product so much, that now I am a distributor of that product!

    Loved the clip, I will be signing up for your newsletters and possibly even make myself a virtual assistant for somebody 🙂 The idea of working from home with multiple streams of income has always been the dream.

    Good job on this post 🙂


    1. Megan, I really appreciate your thoughtful comment and thank you for signing up to my newletter! You know, the comment about Apple isn’t something I thought up on my own. In so many of the entrepreneurial circles I am in I hear the same thing day in and day out. Be unique, be a brand that makes people passionate about the way you can change their life. At the end of the day Apple makes our lives better, easier, more creative.
      As virtual assistants we’re trying to accomplish the same goal. We aim to make our clients lives easier, more effective, more creative than ever before. We can learn a lot by studying how Apple markets their brand.

  3. Wow Reese! Just at the right time when I’m redoing my entire brand and making a VA business that is more ME. I loved the advice and am working on bringing more of me, my uniqueness and my heart and soul into my business.
    I can’t wait to finish! Thanks for the great video.

    1. Joss, (love your name!) thank you for your comment! I can’t wait to see what you come up with so you better let me see how hard you rock this new brand of yours!

    2. And one more thing, Joss – bring some of that Kiwi uniqueness to the brand while you’re at it!

  4. Reese, fantastic. And you are so right on all points. I have heard people say that the only really unique difference between my business and others doing the same thing is ME. There is no other “ME.” So I have to dig deep to find the unique ME and my passion for what I’m doing, and I need to let that permeate my website and all communication with perspective and current clients. Great video!

    1. Thank you SO much, Pam! Thank you for reading and for leaving me such a thoughtful comment! Finding the unique you and infusing YOU into your virtual assistant brand, you are going to just bring so much more to the table! Go get em, girl!

  5. Reese, Interesting post. Being the other gender and close to retirement age I have wondered how do I compete, especially since I’m just getting started. Even though I get so much advice from you and others like you I will never be ‘one of the girls’. So I am unique by definition. The question becomes how do I use that uniqueness to be more than a dime a dozen and make sure I don’t end up being only worth a nickel. Thanks for the insight!

    1. Quay – weave that personality of yours throughout your virtual brand. You stand out because you’re not a woman and you’re not just out of the bull pen. You probably bring years of experience that other virtual assistants just don’t have. This is your advantage, not your downfall! The key is understanding how to get your assets working for you and relaying them to your target market in a way that lures clients in.

  6. Woweee Reese, you nailed it! I also am guilty of comparing myself to others. I didn’t in the beginning and then joining different groups etc … well it just happened … the comparisons … the “I don’t have the skills they have” syndrome set in and it paralysed me into inactivity. I am pleased to report that I have rediscovered my uniqueness and that is that I truly CARE about people and want to make their lives EASIER! Thank you. You did a GREAT job here!!! See ya, Lynne

    1. Lynne, you’re not alone! Most virtual assistants if not all fall prey to the cycle you described in your comment. It’s just amazing to me that in this industry you have so many copy cats, so many blah websites and brands. I’m looking to spin this industry upside down and create a new breed of virtual assistants. Ones that are full of confidence, personality and moxy.

    1. Hey Lisa! I tell you, video and off the cuff video blogs haven’t come easy! It takes time and with practice it’s easier to be in front of a camera! Thanks for reading!!!

  7. i loved that-u do it with such ease. how do u manage off the cuff speaking like that? i guess it shows how much U believe in URSELF and UR business!

  8. Hi Reese! Great points and love that your video is so spontaneous! I am a virtual assistant in commercial real estate. I don’t seem to have a problem with obtaining clients..I genuinely love what I do and have a niche unlike most.. I have.. well I should say they have a problem with pricing.. I have lost a few clients after raising my rates to what I deem a fair price for my skill set.. when I first started I was so unsure as to what to charge.. If you have any insight to share, please do!
    Thanks again and great job!

    1. Darlene, sorry for the late response here! Your comment got pushed down and I didn’t see it. Do you really feel that the rate you’re charging is fair? If you do and you’ve done your research then you shouldn’t apologize for charging what you charge. If the client feels that it’s too expensive, that’s okay! Not everyone can afford higher rates. Let them find a cheaper virtual assistant. Cheaper doesn’t mean better and more expensive doesn’t always mean more experienced. It all depends on the skill set and professionalism of the virtual assistant. Have you read my blog post, Virtual Assistant Rates: How Much Should You Charge? Check it out, it should help you with your question.

  9. Good common sense from you as always Reese. I hope that your husband enjoyed and appreciated his cake too?! 🙂

    1. Jan, my husband was hysterical. He said the cake was so good it tasted like a professionally baked cake. A cake like they serve at diners! I said “are you kidding me, you’re saying my cake tastes like a diner cake”? He continued to say that diner cakes are the best cakes in his opinion. Ha!

  10. Hi Reece, Great video. It reminded me of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle principle – ‘the why’ rather than ‘the what’ and using stories to back this up is a powerful way to communicate. It appeals to the limbic brain system that deals with emotion, intuition and memory. Given that 85% of decision-making/ behaviour is driven by the subconscious limbic system, it’s definitely worth considering when creating content for your business.

    1. Ahh, Dawn. I love you already. Simon Sinek is pure genius and his TedTalk about how great leaders inspire moved me and pushed me in ways that affect so much of how I run my business today. Pure awesomeness. You better join my list if you haven’t already 😉 We’re two peas in a pod.

  11. Michael Oladeji

    Hi Reese,I watched the videos twice, I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss anything. Right after posting this comment, I’m going to sign up for your newsletter. It’s awesome, I am still brainstorming on all the t’s I have to cross and I’s to dot after watching the video. For me, words aren’t enough to tell you how much I appreciate this. Thanks and God bless you real Good.

    1. Michael, THANK YOU!!! You are the reason why I continue to write my weekly blogs. Thank you again!

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