Should You Cold Call Potential Clients?


Every now and again, in the virtual assistant forums I see discussion threads about whether or not to cold call prospects. Quite honestly, I would never do this, and I think I have better ways of spending my time sourcing out potential clients.   That was until today when I read Ashley Ambirge’s blog post titled “How to Cold Call Prospects Without Sounding Like a Tool.

I value Ashley’s in-your-face, and dead honest approach to business and since I’ve been reading her blogs for a long time now I just had to give this topic attention on my own website.

Ashley really helped me realize that as virtual assistants, we CAN cold call prospects without sounding overly salesy (translation: without sounding like an idiot).

If you are struggling to find clients and want to use this old tactic I say GO FOR IT, but before you do make sure you read Ashley’s blog and listen to the audio she’s recorded.   It’s hysterically funny and will help you craft your phone introduction for your own cold call efforts.

So who are you going to call?

Write a list of local businesses in your area that you can phone up and potentially meet in person.   That’s a good starting point!

What do you think of cold calling prospects?  Have you done it yourself and how did it go?  Leave your comments below!!

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9 thoughts on “Should You Cold Call Potential Clients?”

  1. Just a word of warning to those who go to read that article, it is laced with some foul language. I love reading great articles but really can’t abide foul language nor do I see an excuse for it. Sorry, it really spoiled the article for me and I never finished reading it.

  2. She’s awesome!! Thanks for sharing. I always detested cold calling. But when you call naturally and have some OF VALUE to offer, you come off as much less slimy.

    1. She is awesome, Jeff. I just love her way of putting things and you’re right about coming off less slimy!

  3. Hi Reese,
    Great timing! Just picked this up from one of your other links. I have a potential client looking for business development support and cold calling will be part of that. Now for my own business I had this on my list of activities as well. Will certainly take a look at the blog you suggested and implement. All my best, J. Daniels

  4. I can see how this can work for others but I guess personally I’m too afraid of rejection. Not the rejection itself, but people being unkind. My best friend is a financial adviser and cold calls are how she got all of her clients. Different tactics for different kinds I suppose. 🙂

  5. This was good stuff. Yes, she has a very direct style but I like that. I am currently cold calling for a client and am always looking for ways to sound more natural and approachable. i.e. call me back i won’t bite! I really liked her idea on having another reason to call besides just trying to pitch. It is still necessary and something i rather enjoy doing but a CTA in the first call? genius. Thanks for the share!

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