Naming Your Virtual Assistant Business

One of the hardest things for a virtual assistant or an entrepreneur on the verge of creating their own business is choosing the perfect name. Your business name is the one thing that remains constant throughout the life cycle of your business so it’s important to get it right the first time.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest brands today. Click here to see how these brands got their names.

What can we take away from these brands? How can we apply the same strategy to our own business and really make our mark in the virtual assistant industry?

The first thing that comes to mind is that each, and every one of these brands used a tremendous amount of creativity when deciding on their business name. Talk about thinking outside of the box!

It’s easy for virtual assistants to fall into a trap that we must brand our businesses under the guise of “administrative services”.

Chances are that you will grow your skill set and offer new services to your customers.   Don’t pigeon-hole yourself and set up a business name that does not take into account that your business WILL evolve. Examples of this are naming your business Suzie Q’s Transcription Services and now you’re offering your clients social media management services.

It’s important that you display your individuality and nothing does that better than a well-conceived name.

But don’t take my word for it.  Seth Godin has some of the best advice I’ve ever read about picking a name for your business.

Don’t be a stumbling block to your creative process

If choosing a business name is taking too much time, it’s time to start brainstorming with others.  Here’s what Shalon Ironroad of Bacon Business Management did.    She wanted to pick the name Ascend Business Management for her virtual assistant business, but it just wasn’t resonating.  She thought it will attract boring clients and in her words “I don’t want to work with boring clients”.

That’s when Shalon thought, “working with me will make your life better”. Shalon approached a group of friends and asked them to help her get through her business naming dilemma and asked them to fill in the blank on the question below:

Life is better with _______.

Someone came back with:

Life is better with bacon.

And so it was born.  Bacon Business Management.   A damn good name if you ask me because not only is it memorable, she’s been able to create some amazing copy around the concept that life is better with Bacon.  Life is certainly better when you have Shalon working on your team.

Own it!

Once you’ve made up your mind you’ll feel it in your bones that it’s the right decision. Own it.  Have confidence and if it doesn’t feel right, start over.

Now get to work on choosing your virtual assistant business name!

Need some inspiration/help coming up with your virtual assistant business’ name? Leave your comment below and let me help you brainstorm. 

Rock on,


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0 thoughts on “Naming Your Virtual Assistant Business”

  1. True that, Reese! Choosing the right name for your business can really start you off on the right foot. The right name can make you feel comfortable and confident in your new enterprise, but you can’t spend forever thinking it over; you need to get out there and start DOING. I’m off to read the articles now. Great post as always! 🙂

  2. I get the feeling I might have been the inspiration for this post. LOL! I was having EXACTLY this problem with my company name for the VA side of my business when I decided to expand. I have been wanting to create a second distinct business for the VA side for MONTHS. I couldn’t come up with a name, so I finally just added my VA services to my transcription website to get it out there for the moment while I figure out a name. I figured better to have SOMEthing than nothing right now to show that I do offer other services. My ultimate goal is to have my VA site link to my transcription site and my transcription site link to my VA site.

  3. Nadja Lancaster

    Thank you for the article. I just went through this about 6 months ago, when I registered my company and thought carefully about the “right” company name.I didn’t want a name, which limited my business development (at the moment I am a VA and CC resource for Switzerland, but who knows what life brings).
    I wanted a name, which reflected who I am, was versatile and brought a smile to my face. While searching, I realized it is not so much about what it is the name says (e.g. jane smith’s assistant service) but rather how it makes you feel. The name I picked is “SwissBound” and it makes me happy and proud because it reflects back to who I am and where I came from. No mater where I am or where I will go, my heart will always be bound for Switzerland. I know it is not the “perfect” business name, but it is a perfectly fitting name for me.

    1. Nadja, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your business name! I don’t think you could have picked a better name. xoxo

  4. Hi Reese –
    Good post! I picked my company name almost 10 years ago – Virtuosity – and while I liked that it sounded “related” to virtual services, I also loved what it said about the quality of the services I wanted to offer and the level of skill I brought to the table. I’ve done other things besides just virtual assistance under the Virtuosity umbrella, and haven’t ever felt boxed in by it. It just resonates with me. I think feeling really good about whatever you decide in the end is the key. Cheers!

  5. Cassandra Moreno

    Hi Reese,
    Great post…this was me until literally 10 minutes ago. I was vacillating between VA SOS and Moreno Elite Business Support for the longest while. After reading and re-reading your article I have finally decided on VA SOS with either the tagline – Your VA to the Rescue or Your Business Support Consultant to the Rescue. What do you think?

  6. All great ideas. Would you mind if I added a few more?
    It’s a good idea to look up your name at the US Trademark officer to see if a servicemark is already taken on a name before you fall in love. Servicemark is the same as a trademark but for services. Otherwise, you are infringing on someone else’s mark and they have the right to ask you to stop.

    Imagine if that happened after you’d invested your time and energy to build your brand. There are things you can do but the best path is to make sure your name is actually yours and can’t be confused.

    Second, why not get some local SEO bounce by identifiers i.e. state, city, client type. We’re all so busy. If I have 5 names and want help with my product launch, it’s a no-brainer to chose the as my VA.

    I recently interview Jessica Eaves Matthews, Esq about this very topic. I learned a ton in 20 minutes. If anyone wants a copy, my treat, just shoot me an email from my site,

  7. Cassandra Moreno

    Yes Dina, great suggestion. Being in the UK I checked out the name there but maybe I should do a search in the US as well. Thanks!!!

  8. Thanks, Reese. I’ve read a few of your posts and value the information you provide. I’ve been in limbo for too long, without taking affirmative action to register a name for my business. You’ve given me some tools and resources to begin taking a step toward branding who I am and what services I want to offer.

    1. Thank you so much Gayle, for being a part of my community. I look forward to seeing what you’re up to once you get your business up and ready!

  9. It also took me a while to figure out a name for my VA service. In deciding a business name it is always a need to check if the domain is available and most of the time it is a challenge to find one. Hey what do you think of my VA service business name : YourOffshoreTeam (dot com) ?
    I guess what i need now are some marketing strategies since we have been catering SEO people for the last 2 years but SEO kinda died eight months ago. Got any ideas? 🙂

    Thank you!

  10. Hi Reese,
    First, glad that things have quieted down in Israel. I’ll continue to hold you and your family close in my prayers along with all the others I do. I hope the cease fire holds.

    I finally, and with a lot of help from your blogs, came up with a name for my VA business yesterday! I thought of a few variations, and none seemed right. But this one works.

    Now I have to read up on how to get a website going and just do it! I’m ready to make this happen and go forward. Thanks so much for the help and advice.


    1. Thank you so much Amy, for your kind words and a HUGE congrats on nailing down the name for your VA biz! Happy dance!! Check out Wix or Weebly for website creation or my personal favorite (and what this website is built on) WordPress. I LOVE WordPress.

  11. Hi Reese!
    Any advice on other business matters, like business structure (LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.), and insurance?



  12. Hi Reese,
    Great post! i have had a registered company in Canada (Stalker Office Services) for several years which is appropriately abbreviated to SOS as I rush in and provide temporary on-site executive support services.

    When I decided to enter the virtual world, the logical progression was to name that business SOS Virtual Assistant Services. I am also considering the social media niche and have pondered over this progression in terms of my company name. A well established social media consultant and VA in Canada has 2 distinct company names. Your thoughts…

  13. I was struggling for months with my business name. Someone finally said, “Just keep it simple and use your name.” It is: Lisa Bellenger, LLC.
    Task complete.

  14. Wow. I just named my new company “ I live in New York City, in the USA. I was motivated and empowered to name my company and publish my website today because of your encouragement to do so as soon as possible.
    I am totally a newbie at this, although I worked as a secretary in downtown Manhattan in the corporate work for 12+ years.

    I am now figuring out how to promote my website and my services.

    I will begin my adventure into this new world by offering lite administrative, word processing and personal assistant services.

    I will begin to learn new software that you have recommended to me so that I can other some of those services also.

    Thank you so much.

    What would be my next step?


    1. Marie, next steps would be to read through my previous blog posts. Lots of info there to help you figure out your path. Good luck!

  15. i am trying to drum up new business. I just got my own website and I am ready to start. Where can I get free, or low cost email lists for an email campaign targeting small business owners for new business.
    Also, where can I get free training on how to use Google Docs?

    Thanks much,


  16. Connie Cannon

    Thank you Reese, for all of the valuable info provided! I just discovered you today and notice all of these post are from Oct. 2013. I’m in the process of reading EVERYTHING!!! Thank so much and I’ll keep you posted. Please let me know the best way to keep in touch.
    Happy Holidays,

  17. Luana Carvalho

    Hi Reese,
    I’m lucky to have found your website. I’m working in a project management for my college. Your blog help me a lot. I was Completely lost to find a perfect name to my business. I tried different ways to find a nice name. I tried to mix with my name and my hobbies. Nothing was good enough. So I decided to mix the name of my country. I’m Brazilian. What do you thing about BRAVASS? Can this name work well?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Luana! So glad you found me! You’ll want to think long and hard about the name of your business. I’m going to be brutally honest here, bra is well, a bra and VASS rhymes too much with a*s. I’d keep searching but honestly, I wouldn’t even WORRY about a name for now. Start with figuring out what you’ll offer and who you’ll offer it to. The name will come.

      1. Luana Carvalho

        OMG … Because English is not my first language I completely forgot what a*s can mean ! You’re right … I’m just in the beginning of my project . I have a lot to think about, then I will decide the name. Thank you 🙂

  18. I would love for some assistance on selecting my “company name”….I have a couple of questions, so an email from you would be so fantastic…..


    1. Thanks, Angie! You can write your questions here so everyone can benefit from my answers. Thanks a million!

    1. It depends, it’s the easy choice, for sure. But what if your business grows and you no longer want to be the face of it? Just think ahead.

  19. Wendy Brandon

    I have a few names I have come up with and one from my cousin… I hope to get feed back on this.
    1. iJane (p.s. my middle name is Jane 😉
    2. Tikster (which means typist in Afrikaans which is a native SO African Language. Im an Expat from South Africa now living in the USA)

    What do you think… I am worried about using iJane because I know about apple and iPhone and all that… Idk if its copyright infringement or not..

    1. I love Tikster! I live in Israel so I often think of using Hebrew words for courses or new business. It’s a great option!

  20. I have worked in offices for a long, long time. I had a manager years ago who called me “Radar,” so you can imagine that I am good at what I do. However, I’ve not had a lot of self-confidence to step out until now. I’m just starting to work on setting up my own business. Since my name is Angela, I wanted to use a play on words and call my business, “Angel Services” (We fly to your aid). Looking to hear what you think.

  21. Reese,
    I am just now looking into starting a business as a virtual assistant and in my research found your blog. Not only do I need help with a name, I need some insight into the best way to market, price my services and what to offer. I have such a broad background and diverse amount of abilities I’m finding myself not knowing where or how go begin. I’m failing to keep it simple. Any recommendations or referrals woukd be greatly appreciated!! Love your blog!

    1. Hey Kelley and sorry for the HUGE delay in getting back to your question! To answer you, I’ve created a free online course that answers these questions. Have you seen it yet? Just go to my homepage and sign up. It’s called Your First Client. Let me know if that helps!

  22. Marisol Escobedo

    Hi Reese!
    I came across your website when I was looking up info on becoming a VA. It’s funny because I didn’t know there was such a thing, I just wanted to be able to work from home. When I’d look up “Work from home jobs” I just got a lot of stuff that seemed more like a scam. I would say maybe 3 weeks ago I came across something that said “Virtual Assistant”. That’s it I thought! So now I have had many sleepless nights with ideas just running around in my brain. Right now I’m trying to come up with a good name and looking into what licenses if any I’m supposed to have. So that’s why I’m writing to you. Can you HELP me PLEASE?!

    Thank you,

    1. Don’t worry about coming up with a name. There is SO much you need to do first! Sign up for my free e-course and you’ll see what I mean. xo

  23. Marisol Escobedo

    I forgot to mention the names I had in mind. Marisol Escobedo Your Virtual Assistant or The Go To Girl, I’m not sure if the 2nd one sounds ok because I’m 50, not such a girl anymore???

  24. Im starting your ecourse and have been researching forever, im following your advice and jumping into getting the website off. So, me and my sister are going to do this so i was thinking something containing sisters…. Sisters virtual, get virtual sisters, task sisters…

  25. My situation is a little different – I’m going to be more of an administrative consultant than virtual assistant.
    I’m about to become an independent contractor who’ll be providing paralegal, office administration, bookkeeping services to three solo attorneys and their billing entity. I’m creating my own LLC, but I’m having a difficult time coming up with a name that is concise, formidable – everything I come up with is too cutesy, long, or just plain boring. I’d like to include “Paralegal” in the name because I worked very hard to become credentialed and want to capitalize on that.

    Caveat: I absolutely cannot use just the word “legal” in the name as I am not a lawyer, and I could be accused of unlawfully practicing law.

    Do you have any suggestions?

      1. I am in the same boat as Kristen – however, I’ve decided not to use “Paralegal” in the name because in my province in Canada, I am having a really hard time convincing lawyers that having a virtual paralegal is a good thing. I have 6 contracted clients; but only three are viable in the sense that I work for those three each month – hours vary each month. I’ve decided to offer services other than paralegal to help fill my calendar. I had a great paralegal name picked out but I am now wondering if I should use my own name – and if so, do I use married or maiden – what’s the benefit of using my name as opposed to picking something else? Thanks!

        1. I feel that too many of you are getting caught up with what to name your business. I’ve seen businesses use fictitious names, real names, maiden names, etc. Pick a name that resonates. If you hate it down the road, you can always change it. Nothing is set in stone.

  26. Eloise Greeves

    Hi Reece
    I was thinking about calling my business Admin & More VA. How does this sound to you. I am open to any suggestions.

  27. Hi Reese, I am just starting out as a Virtual Assistant. I have one client and hoping to land another one today typing up legal documents and setting up files. I have also got a couple of people looking at me taking over their invoicing. My problem is I need to come up with a business name and I am struggling. I thought about using my name, Debbie Homer Virtual Assistant however I am separated and with a new partner and the possibility of my surname changing in the future could give me problems with this. Using just my first name does not seem so professional. I would like any feedback you could offer. Many thanks.

  28. I loved your ideas. The Eiffel Tower and France have been an obsession of mine that I have yet to fulfill. I looked around at my office and it exhudes with French chic style, so I came up with LeChic Business Management as a Business Name. Came to find out that Chic not only means “stylish” but also “smart” so, I think it fits well. I will be incorporating the Eiffel tower into my logo.

  29. I am having a hard time coming up with a name that isn’t taken. Any ideas or suggestions where to begin. I offer services that go beyond ADMIN. Like event services, staffing services, as well as marketing and branding.

    1. Before you consider a name, have you finalized the services you’re offering and the audience you’re targeting?

  30. Devina Bears

    Hello there! I am brand new to the VA world and of course, am stuck trying to find a name for it. I am really liking one but I am not sure how it will be perceived in the business world. Please let me know what you think!
    Anti-Chaotic Virtual Assisting
    “We take the chaos out of your life”.

  31. I am new to the VA world about to launch my Virtual Service business. How does Browns Virtual Services sound?

  32. Please, please help! I’m stuck on the naming of my business and it’s driving me to sleeplessness! I have my first client who owns and runs a handyman service, does it all from home repairs, to tree work, plumbing, plowing, landscaping, you name it. I’ve been hired to work in a virtual office setting (for now, home office) I do everything a personal assistant would do, secretary, receptionist, phone call management, invoicing, billing subs, etc etc etc. I’d like to expand to offer social media , working for self-published authors, web design, graphic design, it’s really endless. The only name I’ve come up with is Kay’s OnHand Assistance or Assist ME (Maine, home state) Virtual Office Support and similar blah ideas. Any suggestions? Thank you! Please email me any ANY replys as I’m not sure that I can access this board again. Thanks so much, please help ;/

  33. Thank you so much for all of the valuable information you provided. What is your opinion on the name Cling to Hope VA or Hope and Faith VA? My middle name is Hope and one of my greatest passions is my faith so these are what came to mind immediately. Any insight is very much appreciated. Thank you.

  34. Hi Reese,
    Thank you for sharing this article. I am stuck at the moment on a name. A couple that I was playing with are:
    1. Victorious Minds Concierge Services
    2. Victory in Time Concierge services

    Please let me know what you think

  35. Hi Reese, I am just at the beginning of setting up my VA business and would really like to use the word ‘Freedom’ in the title of my business. I’ve found some great quotes online that I can add to my website (once I set it up!) But just a bit stuck on how to incorporate the word into a business name. Many thanks, Sue

  36. Hello Reese I am new to this. I am currently working on my lifestyle brand. I used my initials to create it. IAMLDF..I AM LOVED, DELIVERED, AND FORGIVEN. However, it doesn’t seem to translate or at least I am not sure how to use the initials to work for Virtual Assisting. In addition to that I am nearly done with my Mortgage Signing Agent course, and believe that there is opportunity in offering both services. It would be easier if it could all fall under the same LDF LLC. Any suggestions or thoughts you have I would greatly appreciate. I am determined that this is the year to stop talking, and start doing in all aspects of my life. I just turned 39, and want to look at my 40th majorly victorious. I believe I have ideas for finding potential clients, and will do more to look for them.

    1. Hey LaToya! Not sure about the initials. Agree it doesn’t translate well. Keep working on it! Thanks for stopping by! xo

  37. Kaelyn Aquino-Kamakele

    Hi Reese!I’m so stuck on figuring out a catchy/memorable business name (aren’t we all? Lol). I want to provide admin help and maintaining a business in the events/Entertainment industry, and wedding planning industry! So i definitely need help on a name that will stick out to get those clients in.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!
    Thank you!

    1. Reese BenYaacov

      There are pros and cons for choosing a brand name and using your own name. Often times using your name is great if it’s just you, but if you plan on growing to multiple team members and don’t want to be the face of your business then a brand name is the way to go. Be careful not to choose a name with a specific title like Kaelyn Virtual Assistance.

      Or Kamakele Virtual Assistance.

      It’s harder to rebrand should you decide you want to become an online business manager or a FB ads expert for example.

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