Virtual Assistant Business Boot Camp

You don’t just want to be a Virtual Assistant. You want to be a Vital Assistant.

Kicking ass… Taking names… Building a damn empire…Helping your clients build theirs.

Because you’re no joke. You’re a hustler.  You mean business. And “hard work” doesn’t even begin to describe what YOU do.

So being hungry for clients… is not an acceptable problem.

But being totally overwhelmed by the work you have to do isn’t either.

Yet somehow, you’re always operating in one of those two zones. Worried about getting clients… or suddenly buried in tasks…

So what’s a virtual assistant to do?


  • You’re somehow managing everyone else’s chaos and stress like a champion, but your own? Notsomuch.
  • Your first few clients are driving you a bit nutty and you don’t know how to handle them without losing the business you need.
  • You feel really, really busy but your bank account just doesn’t reflect that, and figuring out how (and what) to charge for your services is rather murky.
  • You know exactly jack about marketing yourself, but you don’t have time to take all of the free webinars on the world wide web to figure it out.
  • Your website is lacking and you know it’s costing you business, but you don’t know how or where to invest in what matters most.

Here’s the thing: you know you need to make some crucial investments.

But you don’t want to just start throwing money at problems willy nilly! That’s not how you want to operate. YOU are the type of professional who needs to have an airtight plan in place before taking a big leap.

Well, my little chickadee, that’s just what I’m here to provide. You see, I’ve been where you are and I remember (oh-so-clearly) how challenging it can be. Making my shift from being a high-level executive assistant managing two business partners – to a high volume virtual assistant managing 10 – was no easy feat.

A strong VA business foundation requires the right combination of attitude, operations, and technological know-how in order to flourish.

Getting my foundations right took a lot of trial and error, systematizing, learning the ropes, and becoming software savvy. There is a right and a wrong way to set up your virtual assistant business, and I want to help steer you in the right direction.

Because when you fix the cracks in your foundation…

  • You’ll finally be able to work from home, create your own schedule AND choose the work you’re passionate about.
  • You’ll book clients with absolute ease (and no nerves) because you’ll be that confident in your abilities, skills, and systems.
  • You’ll actually be excited when you check your email every morning because for once you’ll actually loooove everyone whose messages await you.
  • You’ll be able to do the work that you’re absolutely best at – so you don’t have to take on tasks that you hate just because everyone else is doing it!
  • You will have an airtight system in place for your own business admin so that yours isn’t going to crap while you’re handling everyone else’s…

Oh, it’s a little something I call heaven.

And that’s just what my Virtual Assistant Business Boot Camp is for.

It’s a digital one-stop shop that will help you set your business up for success and growth from the get-go.

In it, I’m going to show you – step by step – how to get up and running. And this isn’t theory, it’s my exact blueprint for creating a sustainable business that will make you money.

I cannot guarantee miracles. But I can guarantee that if you do the work – you’ll have a business that will not only make money but that you’ll be damn proud of.

Here’s what’s included when you sign up:

  • My Welcome Packet & Client Contract so you’ll know just what to expect and how to move forward with the program at your own pace.
  • Immediate access to the entire VABB course delivered as audio trainings, and action oriented worksheets. Module details are below!
  • TWO hour-long one-on-one calls with your truly, to deepen your business structure, gain targeted advice and troubleshoot any roadblocks or challenges that come up as you work through the course!


Here’s what we cover in the Boot Camp!

Module 1: Attitude + Mindset.

Why? Because, in order to act like a boss, you’ve gotta think like one. When signing up new clientele, when coordinating with colleagues, when reaching out on behalf of your client you have to project confidence and professionalism. You’re not just an assistant, you’re an entrepreneur.


Module 2: Marketing + Ideal Client.

What do you want to be known for? Knowing this is the key to your brand message and attracting the clients you really want to work with. We’ll dig into some ideal client avatar work and help you focus on solving the problems that your ideals are struggling with.


Module 3: Services + Prices.

So many VA’s get this one wrong out of the gate. Instead of offering a laundry list of services, I will help you drill down to your personal zone of expertise so you can operate seamlessly and over-deliver (read: impress your clients) every time.


Module 4: Systems.

In this audio module, you’ll get the rundown of my recommendations for office systems and operations. You’ll learn how to run a “discovery call,” enroll new clients and implement online scheduling software and financial systems. In addition, I will walk you through the ideal organization of client files. It’s imperative to create pristine systems early on not only for your own VA business but also for your clients. Here, you’ll get all you need to do it right.


Module 5: Technology + Set Up.

This will be a video training module where you’ll learn how to create your very own WordPress website from purchasing a domain to getting it up and running.

Are you ready to rock your VA business?

Because I’m here to help.

I’m here to help you become a victorious Virtual Assistant with a killer client list.

I’m here to help you define your most valuable skill set so you can promote yourself like a boss.

I’m here to help you build a freakin’ empire.

So just bring your hunger, enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn and grow and together we’ll create your virtual real success!

Your One-Time Investment? $400 (that’s $13.33 a day)

And don’t you worry – I offer flexible payment plans because I know how hard it is trying to manage it all.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and jump start your virtual assistant business, don’t wait for someday. Do it now, with me. I’ll cut through all the BS and show you exactly what you need and what you don’t. If you put in the work, you’ll experience success like you’ve only dreamed of.

Curious to learn more? Sign up for a FREE GET TO KNOW YOU SESSION with me right now – we’ll spend 20 minutes jamming on your goals and what’s the next best step for your VA business. This is a complimentary call for those interested in working together. If you’re not serious about investing in yourself then please don’t book a call just yet. Wait until your ready.