You’re not just a virtual  assistant. You’re a BOSS.

You own those systems like a well-oiled machine. You respond to client needs on the turn of a dime.

And you’re sweet. Charming. Hard to resist – which is exactly why your clients and your client’s clients (okay everyone) – loves you.

But here’s the thing, while you’ve been rocking and rolling with your one on one clients for a while now, you just know you’re ready for a change.

You just know you could be doing things better.

Like using your time more wisely, handling your projects and tasks with more fluidity and maybe even taking a vacation. *gasp*

I know, who has time for one of those?

Fast forward to THREE MONTHS FROM NOW: You do.

Let’s just come out and say it: it’s time to take this VA business of yours to the next level

It’s time to do a complete business overhaul.

Are you a little tired of…

  • Feeling chained to your desk all the frickin’ time, so that even when you do want to schedule something personal, like run errands in the middle of the day or take your kid to the doctor, you can’t ever totally get away with it guilt-free?
  • Handling the teeniest little tasks because you just do whatever you’re assigned instead of what you really love to do most (and do best)?
  • Getting buried in unpredictable amounts of work whenever requests roll in since you don’t have clear boundaries or guidelines in place?
  • Putting your own business vision second *all the time* because you have to put your clients’ businesses first?

I mean, you’re there to support them but who’s supporting YOU?

Let’s face it: you’ve always had a grander dream in mind for your business and life. It’s about time you did something about it.

It’s about time you implemented some baseline tactics to increase profits, scale your services and leverage your time. (Spoiler alert: I can show you how.)

Just imagine…

  • Hiring a team of your very own, so that you can start delegating tasks that drain you and focusing on what truly makes you shine?
  • Being able to step away from your desk for a moment (or a day) because your business practically runs itself with the systems (and staff) you have in place?
  • Taking on more clients with confidence because you have a process for handling the workload and projects that make everything feel easy?
  • Operating as a true team leader, and working with talented individuals you truly love and believe in.
  • Teaching and training others to achieve your level of excellence and taking newer VAs under your capable wing.

 Can you imagine having more time, freedom and flexibility in your life because you’ve grown your business to accommodate YOU?

 This is exactly what I want for you, and I know just how to help you achieve it.

 Introducing my VA Special Ops Program – a one on one exclusive 3 months of coaching that will take you from underling to fearless leader in just TWELVE WEEKS flat.

 This is THE program for you if you’ve been thinking about transitioning from Virtual Assistant to Online Business Manager but you’re *just* a little worried about how that shift will pan out. Will your systems fall apart? Will you drop important client tasks? Will you lose clients? Ack! I know what you’re feeling.

When first considered growing my team I remember how freaked out I was – I was not only carrying a full client load but had FOUR kids at home. Let’s just say: I had my hands full and I needed help.

Once I decided to take the leap and implemented the right systems, management techniques, communication processes, budget models and strategies – everything just clicked.

Now I want to show you how to do this and raise your rank as a virtual administrative master!

When you sign up for my Special Ops, you’ll get:

  • Three months of support with me, via email and online as well, so you don’t have to spin in circles when you get stuck on certain decisions – there will be many of those moments!
  • Semi-monthly one-on-one 90-minute calls via Zoom (video conferencing), where we will address any and all struggles, questions, challenges, issues that are arising for you as you work to up-level your business model. This can be strategy calls or work calls – you decide. 
  • Immediate access to the VABB (Virtual Assistant Business Boot Camp) Audio Trainings and my personal resource library so you can ensure that your foundations are solid and we are speaking the same language in moving you forward! (A $200 value.)

Curious what those are?

Oh, just everything you need to rock your business…

We’ll cover:

Attitude + Mindset.

Why? Because, in order to act like a boss, you’ve gotta think like one.

Marketing + Ideal Client.

What do you want to be known for? Knowing this is the key to your brand message and attracting the clients you really want to work with.

Services + Prices.

Instead of offering a laundry list of services, I will help you drill down to your personal zone of expertise so you can operate seamlessly and overdeliver (read: impress your clients) every time.


Get the rundown of my recommendations for office systems and operations.

Technology + Set Up.

Learn how to create your own WordPress website from purchasing a domain to getting it up and running.

PLUS, you’ll get ONE extra 30-minute floater call to use at your discretion within 12 months as my personal bonus to you because I know how important it is to have the support and answers you really need after our coaching is complete. 

Here are just some of the things you can expect to happen during our time together:

  • Fully develop your client avatar so you know how to create marketing material that speaks to the hearts and mind of your perfect client.
  • Budgeting and forecasting – together we will set up a quarterly and annual revenue forecasts and I’ll break down how you can achieve these.
  • Develop and finalize your core services offering that you’ve been struggling to put together. These will be the services that you will be known for.
  • Finalize the perfect packages for your ideal clients. We will price them and I will help you write the sales copy that goes with them.
  • Establish your client onboarding and off-boarding process. When you finish working with me, your business systems will run like a tight ship. Your clients will be begging you to implement the systems for them that we put together for you.
  • Analyze your website to make sure it’s converting. This may require refining the copy and design to make the most of your online real estate because your website is a 24/7 stand in for you. It needs to convince and captivate. We will do that together.
  • Create a sales funnel that runs on auto-pilot to ensure you have a pipeline full of hungry as hell prospects ready to hire you when you give them the green light.
  • Skills training – If you’re ready to learn how marketable skills that you don’t yet possess, we can spend some time getting you up to speed on software like ClickFunnels, SquareSpace, FB ads management, affiliate marketing management, email marketing software like ConvertKit, InfusionSoft, MailChimp.
  • Mindset issues – we will wipe out any imposter syndrome you’re dealing with and I’ll show you step by step how to plan your day so you’re getting more done in less time.


Your One Time Investment – $2,500

This coaching program is for SERIOUS inquiries only as it requires a significant investment and commitment of both time and energy and is not for the faint of heart.

Payment plans are available. So don’t be afraid to ask me to break up payments into a schedule that makes it easy for you to say YES.

Not sure if this is just what you need? That’s A-OK.

Let’s hop on the phone to talk it out. You can book your free 20 Minute strategy session {right here}.

If we decide we’re a good fit, all payments are accepted via Paypal via the installment plan agreed upon.


All coaching calls are recorded so you can access again and again.

Before each coaching call, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out so we know how to focus and use our time wisely.

After each call, you will receive an action plan from me on what needs to happen next to keep you accountable.

During our three months together you have unlimited access to me via our Slack channel (just like email but better) and VOXER.

A down payment is required to hold your spot on my schedule.

Down payment is non-refundable.