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Ready to work from home as a virtual assistant?

I’ve created a free e-course to walk you through everything you’ll need to get started.

Launching your virtual assistant business and landing your first client is hard, but I’m about to make it so much easier.

There are a lot of courses teaching you how to build your virtual assistant business and land your first client but they are teaching you things backwards.

My approach goes against everything you’ve thought about how to start and build a successful virtual assistant business.

Reese Ben-Yaacov

You’ve probably been told that you need to:

  • Build a website
  • Create a laundry list of all the services you offer
  • Appeal to a wide range of business owners to increase your appeal
  • Spend hours a week marketing your business on social media
  • Learn dozens of new platforms because that’s what every VA must know

I’m squashing this advice right here and now.

10 Clients in 12 months.

You don’t get those results by going about things backwards. You get those results because you follow a system that works.


More and more, men and women are utilizing their administrative skills to create a profitable and location independent business that allows them to work from a laptop anywhere in the world, morning, noon, or night.

  • You’ve got solid administrative and customer service skills
  • You love the idea of working for a variety of clients around the country
  • You’re excited about controlling your financial freedom and schedule
  • Virtual assistants are replacing their former 9-5 income and some are even surpassing it!

Are you ready to become a virtual assistant?


This is a 6-day free email course that will show you how to create a profitable virtual assistant business.

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This course is for you if you’re ready to stop taking the advice of every Tom, Dick and Harry and finally get clarity on what you need to do right now to create the virtual assistant business you’ve been dreaming about.

This course is going to teach you things that you haven’t heard before. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what they have to say.


Eric ReanyEric Reany
Within three weeks of following Reese’s advice….I’ve now got three clients.”
La Vern HarrissonLa Vern Harrisson
I just wanted to drop in and report that since I’ve using the strategies we learned on the “Your first client” webinar, I have doubled my client base. Good clients (a few creeps but… I handled that!) Thank you Reese..I’ve been quiet on here but busy with my VA business! “
I am astonished that you offer this course free! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Sometimes in the beginning, you don’t have a lot of support from family or friends. It feels like I have my own personal support team in you, and going through each course gives me the encouragement I need during these early stages of getting my business off the ground.
So thank you. You are appreciated.”
Rebekah SchwindCharming Imperfection
Reese! You should be charging hundreds for this email course! this by far the absolute BEST course I’ve ever gone through(free and paid) and I’m only one lesson 4!You are saying things that no one else is and it’s all stuff that really need to be said (like the front loading lesson… GENIUS!). When my virtual assistant business takes off(and I have confidence it will thanks to you). I am going to tell everyone that you are the absolute best coach and teacher for starting out Virtual Assistant.
Anyway, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the incredible content and empowering little ol’ stay at home mom me to get out there, bring in an income and help other.Thank You!
Rebekah Schwind
Charming Imperfection LLC


  • How to figure out what services you should be offering and which ones to ditch
  • How to know exactly who needs your services
  • How to systematically approach building your business by front-loading the work
  • How to write copy for your home and about page that get attention
  • Finding your clients
  • How to handle your introduction calls so you can guarantee success
  • Software virtual assistants need to know to get started

When I first started my virtual assistant business I made tons of mistakes. I hired a company to build me an expensive website. I tried to appeal to every single small business owner that needed help with their administrative back-end. I spent hours networking in a myriad of networking groups. I had NO focus and was spreading myself thin.


Sure, I got results but I now know how to achieve those results with less time and less effort. I’m here to show you how to get your first client and have fun along the way!

So, Reese, if your course is this awesome, why are you giving it away for free?

I remember what it was like being a new virtual assistant. There weren’t many coaching programs then to teach me how to create and run a successful virtual assistant business. And the ones that were available, cost at least a thousand dollars. Who has that kind of money when you’re just getting started?!

I wanted to learn from successful virtual assistants about how they started their business and how they made it profitable. I reached out to virtual assistants and offered my help as an intern only to be ignored and not taken seriously.

I had to fumble my way through. I figured things out one step at at time. I want to give you the information that I desperately needed when I was just getting started, because let’s face it, we all need to catch a break and I believe you should be able to access quality training without spending thousands of dollars. I’m giving you the chance the no one gave me and I’m passionate about teaching you how to be successful.


My name is Reese and I am a marketing geek.  I read books about funnels and conversions in my spare time. I am fluent in Hebrew and when I’m not working I’m cooking up  3 course meals for my 4 kids and husband in the Holy Land of Israel.

As for my professional credentials, I have been running the back end of businesses for over two decades. From Fortune 500 companies to International Venture Capital Funds, I’ve been exposed to some of the most successful business owners making six to seven figures a year. I became a virtual assistant in 2008 and I manage some of the biggest program and product launches for my clients.

I love teaching women how to create a successful virtual assistant business that you can run on your own terms (and have fun doing it!) so you can spend time doing the things that matter to you most.

Get my free e-course now for free because it’s better than most of the paid content out there.