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Kim Caloca Circle

Working with Reese was a game changer for me. I was able to shift my hourly clients to packages and as a result  freed up time for me to open up to more clients. I landed my dream job working with Daneille LaPorte!  Reese was so absolutely easy to connect with in a meaningful way, quickly. We got right down to business. No fluff. Reese knows her stuff!

-Kim Caloca, The Go-To Girl

Vickie Nickel Circle

Reese is amazing! I hired Reese because I was struggling with how to take my business to the next level and start offering packages rather than charging by the hour. Following our session, I broke my company into two separate departments – a VA department and a marketing department. I hired two people to oversee those departments and the team that supports them so that I could focus my attention on business development. Additionally, I began offering packages as well as blocks of hours. Business is booming and we have easily hit the 6-figure mark this year! Working with you was just what I needed to take my business to the next level.

-Vickie Nickel, CEO and Founder of Vickie Nickel & Associates


Sarah Noked Circle

I reached out to Reese when I was just starting out. I didn’t have any clients and was still stuck in the corporate rut. My coaching session with Reese was (by far) the best investment I made in my business. I’ve taken the online courses, completed an MBA, but working on-on-one with Reese was by far the best investment. It’s like skipping a million silly steps to where you want to go. My business has exploded. I can wholeheartedly say I escaped the 9-5 corporate track and my business is freakin’ booming!

-Sarah Noked, Online Business Manager


Val Geisler

I was just getting started as a VA and knew I could scale my business but wasn’t sure how so I reached out to Reese. MY VA business not only scaled, it was totally transformed. I became a project manager and now I teach systems to other business owners so it’s so much more in line with what I want to be doing! Any time I talk to Reese I feel more confident and clear in my message, even though I’m not a VA any more. The work you do is useful to so many business owners – not just VAs!

-Val Geisler, Aspire & Grow


Geniece Brown circleBefore I met Reese I was struggling with how to present myself online and attract my ideal clients. Reese zoned in on why my website was turning clients away, not attracting them and together we made massive changes to the way I present my business online & off. I finally have a website I am proud of with some new package offerings.  Reese is the only coach I’ve ever worked with who goes above and beyond for her clients.

-Geniece Brown, Geniece Brown Virtual Assistance


Jocelyn Headshot

I’ve been struggling with how to price my services and how to find clients. I came very close to lowering my prices in order to make more sales. Big mistake! With Reese’s advice I not only raised my prices but I created amazing new service packages and the best part? I snagged several new clients almost immediately.  I plan on hiring Reese again to help me streamline my business as it continues to grow!

-Jocelyn Michel, Sensible Business Support

Rachel Barbic Circle

I contacted Reese because I felt stuck and unable to move forward in my business due to the stress from my current client work. I was working with the wrong clients and it was taking a toll on me and my family. Reese created a game plan for me that allowed me to start working on projects that I’m excited about! I’m more confident in proposing new services and moving forward with a new direction in my business – and it feels amazing! If you’re struggling with anything in your VA biz, do yourself a favor and hire her!

-Rachel Barbic, Online Business Strategist


Toni Tanner Scott Circle

Let me say this. Unless you are rocking and rolling with your business, more clients than you can handle, doing exactly what you LOVE to do — you need to hire Reese ASAP. I was floundering and wasn’t sure I was in the right business. Reese got me clear on what I should focus on and WOW! I kid you not, in the 3 weeks since our session I’ve gained 3 new clients and have more in the wings. I revamped my website into something I am proud of and I wake  up excited about what I’m working on. Thank you, Reese!

-Toni Scott, Toni Tanner Scott Virtual Assistance


Tara Coffin Harrold Circle

Best investment ever! I was just starting out when I hired Reese. I had a couple of clients so things we’re okay but not great. Reese helped me create a more professional website that converted prospects into clients and teach me how to find my ideal clients. I quickly grew my VA biz from 2 clients to 7! I’m happy to say, I’m booked solid!

-Tara Coffin-Harrold, Virtual Assistant

Adrian Hayes Circle

As a full-time working mother of four, I have a lot in common with Reese, except my work life runs roughshod over my home life and I struggle every day to balance the two. Reese’s inspired me to use the skills I already had to launch a business where my partner and I can generate substantial extra income while working flexible hours from home. Reese helped with defining our skill sets, to building our website, to negotiating with our first major client, providing outstanding, specific suggestions. Having mastered VA work herself, she is truly the voice of experience, and her stellar advice helped us land a fabulous first job. We were hesitant to tackle a big project right out of the gate, but Reese’s solid guidance gave us the confidence to give it a go. Reese is everything we could want in a mentor — whip-smart, tech savvy, industry experienced, and ready with awesome answers to every question we have. She has the unique ability to focus laser-like on what you need to make your business succeed. Working with Reese is a genuine pleasure, and the results speak for themselves.

-Adrian Hayes, Type A Virtual Assistance

Susan Campbell Circle

My business partner and I found Reese and the perfect time. We wanted to start a VA business to supplement our income. Reese was all business as the facts & ideas rolled off her tongue as fast as I could write! With her guidance & tutelage we were awarded a high paying contract almost immediately. We were actively working in no time, going from thinking about starting a business to collecting a paycheck. Amazingly, she walked us through each step and advised us on everything from accounting software to pricing structures to time tracking methods and beyond. Reese’s willingness to share her VA knowledge is a testimonial in itself of her desire to help people grow their own business in the best way possible. She reveals a wealth of knowledge & experience that would take years to acquire. Learning the tricks of the trade from Reese has been invaluable. It’s a good business decision to let Reese help you be the best you can be! She will provide you the tools to be successful and the rest is up to you. Take your passion to the next level with her help and expertise.

-Susan Campbell, Type A Virtual Assistance


Katie Archbold Anders Circle

Reese is awesome! During our coaching call I had a laundry list of questions about running a VA business, and she went above and beyond to answer each one and provide additional guidance. I left the call with a ton of invaluable information and actionable steps to take in my business. She is a wealth of knowledge and information, having built and managed her own extremely successful VA business. And she is so giving with her advice and expertise. She really wants to help others and teach them all she knows so they too can be just as successful. I highly recommend Reese!

-Katie Archbold Andrs, Virtual Assistant for Entrepreneurs and Artists

Cheryl Bruntel Circle

Reese is a really an AMAZING coach! I thought I “knew it all” and was hoping for a little push forward, but I was really surprised at how much I really didn’t know! Thank goodness for her depth and breadth of expertise. What I also love about Reese is her unending patience and support. She spends good quality time with me and makes me feel like I am her only, and most important client. She continues to hold my hand while I regain my footing. I have every confidence that my business will be a success, in very large part due to Reese’s coaching.

-Cheryl Bruntel, A-Z Admin Solutions

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