Blog Post Ideas That Will Fill Your Client List

Blog Post Ideas That Will Blow Up Your Client List

You have a website, you have some testimonials, you have a list of services that you enjoy doing and know how much you want to charge, but now you need to fill your client list.

One of the best ways to fill your client list is to start blogging and from what I know about most of the virtual assistants out there is they have no idea what to blog about. This post will help you generate the ideas that are right in front of you.

First, let’s talk about the format of a blog post. Remember to keep it simple, include plenty of white space. You may have to break up paragraphs in places that you don’t feel comfortable doing so, but it’s all about readability and not correct format like in a college or school paper. In addition, include pictures that are relevant to the blog post, and always fill in the “alt” information for the picture.

Use plenty of bullet points, headlines, h1 and h2 headers and disperse keywords within the first 100 words and if possible in each paragraph. But, remember to keep it natural with keywords. Your first concern should be whether or not your blog post is interesting, engaging, targeted and readable to your target audience.

It can also be difficult to figure out what to blog about sometimes.

Let’s go over a few things that you any virtual professional business owner can blog about to promote your virtual services business.

Blog About Your Services — Blog about each of the service you provide so that your client base will understand what these services entail. Remember to focus each blog on one service and the benefits it provides potential clients in each blog post. In fact, all your blog posts should be short, sweet and to the point focusing on one specific topic at a time.

Blog About Problems — You know your ideal client well and what issues and problems they have, therefore if you blog about these problems and then mention your service as a solution you’ll find your ideal client organically. If you can show how you understand your target audience’s problems, fears and concerns and that you know how to solve them, people will seek you out as the expert. Eventually, you may even receive questions in your email, use those as blogging material. Until then, makeup questions that your ideal client might ask you.

Blog About Successes — Did you solve something for a client, and is the client willing to talk about it? Interview them on Google Hangout or Skype and post it as a vlog to your blog. Seeing satisfied clients rave about your work and how you solved their problems can bring you many virtual service business clients. Put the audio and video up, as well as a transcript of the interview for a double whammy.

Blog About How To Work With You — Blogging about how working with virtual professional business works is a good way to educate those who don’t know how it all works. Some people still have a lot of time envisioning how you can do work for someone, whether it’s coaching, providing a service, or even a product without having a bricks and mortar space.  They may be confused about the technology that enables you to work virtually. Remember, not all your clients have to work virtually. There are plenty of bricks and mortar businesses that need you too.

By including these topics in your blog posts, you’ll go far in filling your client list. But remember, once you post a blog you’re not done. You need to promote that blog post on all your social media marketing accounts plus send the announcement of a new blog post to your email list if you have one. Ask people to share it, and help you get the word out. Don’t underestimate the power of the ask. A simple, hey, could you please RT this post/share this via Facebook goes a long way.

9 Responses to Blog Post Ideas That Will Fill Your Client List

  1. Jasmin Cottontail says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing this information. As a VA, having our own blog can be very helpful especially if we want to attract more clients. I’m actually planning to have my own blog soon and I’m wondering what are the topics should I cover. Now I have some ideas and I think I’ll start with services 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the practical tips on blog content ideas. I really appreciate them, and plan on using the “how to work with me” topic soon. Thanks!

  3. Shakira Perry says:

    Hi Reese,

    Great info! Thx so much! I’ve been wanting to start a blog but didn’t know what to write about. This us a huge help.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Shakira Perry

    • Reese says:

      Sometimes the answers are staring us in the face but we are blind to them. It’s funny how things work. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Shakira!

  4. Brenda Pace says:

    Hi Reese,

    Great ideas! I have to ask you this, how do you feel about sidebars? For my blog content on my VA/Freelance site, I did not have a sidebar like yours. However, someone brought it to my attention that readers or potential clients might not see what I’m all about. I have my Services, Testimonies, and Portfolio posted in the Nav bar as well as my landing page (Home) stating my services. Do you think it matters if there is a sidebar or not? My blog archive page has the sidebar, just not the actual post. Would love your thoughts.


    • Reese says:

      Hi Brenda! I have a sidebar and I love them. You can put a lot of useful information in the sidebar. Utilize the sidebars for an about me graphic and a work with me graphic. I think you signed up to my free e-course, I’d love to see a hero image with some persuasive text on your home page. Did you go through that that lesson yet?

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