How I Use Twitter To Find New Clients

Twitter is a great place to start a conversation with a complete stranger. In fact it’s a great place for a virtual assistant to find potential clients. By starting a conversation with potential clients you’re putting yourself top-of-mind in a client’s mind and when they are ready to hire a virtual assistant they are more likely to turn to you because of the know-like-trust factor.

So, onto the burning question.   How do you find potential clients on Twitter?

Start by searching for phrases that match the services you offer by running a search in Twitter’s search operators. Then comb through the results and find tweets that match people looking for your services.

After you’ve created a list of tweets go through to the blogs from tweets that match your criteria and do one of three things: 1) Leave a comment 2) Submit a message through the contact form 3) Send an e-mail if an address is listed.

Another way to find potential clients is by searching locally. There are several ways to find someone based on a geographic search. Most Twitter users occasionally tweet about the things around them. This means that you can find local people by searching tweets for things in or near your business location.

When you search for your city name on Twitter, you have to look for all of the possible ways people may type it. Experiment with the options to figure out which ones give you the best search results. You can also use Twitter’s search operators to string together multiple options in one search or exclude items from your results.

Finally create a private list of all of these Twitter accounts and title that list “potential clients”. Go back and engage these people on a regular basis. Respond to their tweets, RT them, and provide value to them by answering questions if they are asking something. To learn how to create lists on Twitter click here.

As promised here is my super cool Twitter checklist to help you get started using Twitter.

To download the checklist click here.

How do you use Twitter to find new clients? Leave a comment below with the ways you have succeeded in vetting out clients on Twitter.


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  1. Sarah Noked says:

    Love the checklist!

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  4. Naomi T. says:

    Great twitter treats. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great tips, Reese! Found you via a LinkedIn group. 🙂 Kristy

  6. Sheila Davis says:

    I have not been utilizing Twitter as I should. Thanks for these tips on how to make it work for me!

  7. As a in-frequent Twitter user this is very helpful – I will definitely have a look into it further. Thanks.

  8. As always, so incredibly informative. I’ve been looking for a quick Twitter 101 and you nailed it! Thank you. :o)

    • Lynn Walker says:

      What wording do you use to attract clientele on Twitter? Facebook? BeKnown? Rather new to this and gathering ideas for myself.

      Thank you

      • Reese says:

        Lynn – start following other VAs and check out the wording they are using. The key is to be yourself. Be authentic. Twitter is just about starting a conversation with someone so the best advice I can give you it to just be yourself. Let me know how things go!

    • Reese says:

      Awesome, thanks Deborah!!!

    • Reese says:

      Thank you so much Deborah!

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