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How To Create Virtual Assistant Services Packages That Sell

How to create VA service packages that sell

It’s all in the packaging. Your perceived value. Let’s talk about how to create your very own virtual assistant services package(s).

First it’s important that I mention that most virtual assistants trade their time for $$$. This isn’t a bad business model but it does make it hard to scale your business. Your earning potential will be directly related to how much time you can work during the day.

Imagine this.  You hire a graphic designer to create a website. Would you expect your graphic designer to say “I will work on your site for 30 hours and I will charge you $3,000 for your site.”?

This scenario would never happen.   Graphic designers quote you a price for a product, your website.  Whether it takes them 3 hours or 30 hours, that’s their business, not yours.  You are paying for a finished product….results.

It’s up the graphic designer to know how to price his websites so that he can run a successful business that won’t end up owning him.

What do I mean?

We don’t go into business for ourselves to become a slave to our desk.  We don’t go into business for ourselves to stress out over our work on the weekends when we should be relaxing.

No, we go into business so we can create the kind of lifestyle that we want.  That’s why it’s important to recognize as early on as possible that trading hours for cash isn’t going to be a scaleable business.  The sooner you try to figure out how to package up your offerings, the better.

Because once you start selling a package for your virtual assistant services, you can actually start scaling your business.

But creating packages isn’t always so easy.  You need to know how much time it will take you to complete the services within in package.   This way you can say, “if someone purchase package x, it will take me roughly 10 hours to complete, no more, no less”.

Some VAs do this very well, while others struggle to understand how to create packages to market to their prospects.

Remember, people don’t buy virtual assistance, they buy solutions. So I’m going to show you some great examples of how virtual assistants are packaging their services by highlighting the solutions they offer.

But how do you sell solutions?  Ask yourself these questions.

What problem does my ideal client have?

What does my idea client want?

How am I going to help them solve their problem or get what they want?

Don’t just think about the questions. Write out your answers. Brainstorm what your ideal clients really want and look at the world from their perspective.

To help you out, take a look below at some rock stars who started out as VAs but now market themselves using a different title (because titles really don’t matter).

Jamie DuBose of ZenplicityNow has it all figured out. She started out as a VA that exchanged hours for dollars and now Jamie works on a flat rate only and has plenty of package options to offer her clients. Well done.

New Services   ZenplicityZenplicity



Next up is the amazing Val Geisler and her business baby, Aspire & Grow. I am a HUGE fan of Val. Take a look at the way Val is packaging up her services to her clients. She has a Business Booster and Community Concierge and that’s IT. Clients can choose from one or the other and if I know Val, I’m sure she is busy concocting more amazing offerings as we speak.

Work With Me   Aspire   Grow



Last but certainly not least is Vickie Nickel & Associates, a virtual assistant business that supports the public speaking industry. Check out how Vickie has put together some awesome packages.  I couldn’t add all of them in this screen shot, so make sure to click over to her site to see all the packages she offers.

Packages   Pricing — Vickie Nickel   Associates


Want my help in coming up with some awesome service packages to market to your clients?  Get in touch with me today.  You will walk away with a killer offering (or two) that will wow your prospects so much that they will be clawing over one another to get the opportunity to work with you. 

Now that you have a little bit more knowledge about how others are packaging up their services I’d love to see what you come up with. Leave me a comment below.

Rock on,

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